Clay Filter Crafts

Crafts in clay filters can be very diverse and interesting, just follow your personal style.

How about seeing clay filter crafts to renew your clay pot?You can use various decorative techniques to reform clay filter or to decorate a new filter that you have recently purchased.

You can even paint your clay filter entirely.In this case many advise to use acrylic water-based paint, so as not to influence the operation of the filter, and over pass lacquer.But if you do not want to use any product that can penetrate the surface of the pot and run the risk of having the taste of water modified, you can use ordinary adhesive, vinyl adhesive or contact paper to decorate clay filter.

Clay Filter Crafts

To make your job easier to customize clay filter you can use ordinary adhesive or wall sticker on your filter.Just wipe the surface of the pot very well so that the adhesive on the adhesive fits better.In addition to using only one adhesive, you can customize clay pot for water with many adhesives, coating it whole with this material only.Paper contact also does the same job and you can cut out different formats.

Craft Options in Clay Filter

In addition to the contact paper you can also use vinyl adhesive to decorate clay pot for water.On top of the sticker you can paste whatever you want, to further differentiate the piece, like using gemstones.You can also change the plug of the mud filter.

Among the clay filter crafts you can make a very funny painting in your water pot, like the painting that refers to the work of the artist Romero Britto, for example.

A good tip for those who can not make freehand paintings is to use a stencil to decorate the clay filter.

Paints with geometric shapes or with tribal print, which has mostly only straight strokes, is also a great alternative.

See more examples of clay filter customization.

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