Chronos Special Hublot

The booklet on the Black side of Hublot

Ten years ago, Hublot introduced the first watch, which showed up in black: the All Black. For the idea of combining a black case and a black dial with pitch black pointers, the 2006 brand was partially ridiculed, partly criticized.

Today we know that the first All Black was not a fashion folly: Black in Black has become a fixed size in the watchmaking world. With the watch, which can hardly be read, Hublot has been a great success today–and has been quoted and copied by not a few competitors, reported by petsinclude. For this occasion, the Chronos editorial office Hublot is dedicating a special edition–all in Black is understood.

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By the way, Chronos publishes its own edition of Hublot every year–no wonder, in the unbridled innovative power of the trend Forge. In the issue of 10 years All Black, the Chairman of the Board of directors Jean-Claude Biver explains how he even came up with the idea of making a completely black Watch: “Of course we are crazy! This belongs to Hublot. We must be crazy, unique, different and above all the first. This is our identity. ”

The article by Chronos editor Jens Koch shows how Hublot uses Ferrari’s sports cars as a source of inspiration for new spectacular timepiece. Because the two houses combine many things: performance, sportiness, exclusivity. “Bella Macchina”, as you would say in Italy.

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As the strategy of the brand looks, watch expert Gisbert L. Brunner discusses in an interview with Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. He calls numbers when it comes to forecasts for the next ten years, ranks the importance of the Hublot boutiques and shows the goals in terms of production depth that Hublot combines with the investment in its manufacturing facilities.

The Chronos special also gives an overview of the range of movements of Hublot and shows the possibilities that the manufactory uses with the materials linen and sapphire. The involvement in football and the Hublot design prize are just two more of the many facets that the Chronos editorial team is illuminating.

Now immerse yourself in the world of Hublot–with the Chronos special 2016!

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