Christmas Outfits Ideas for Parties

Well Yes, we arrived at the day of Christmas Eve and every year there are 2 major problems to be solved: finish buying gifts to put under the tree and decide the look precious to wear for a blow out waiting for us tonight.

My precious shopping tips this Christmas I gave them last week just to help you, even in the choice of a watch as a gift. Let’s face it, you have no excuse and I feel serene: now all you have to do is put your shoes and do the last races.

We can now focus on precious look for this evening. Many of you have written to me asking what you can wear to honour the festively laid table which we will paste for the great feast of Christmas.

On 24 December traditionally you spend in your family and say a simple yet elegant outfit is definitely the choice more apt. The options can be endless and well aware of our cabinets. Needless to hide that precious look must be studied carefully: the jewelryto wear should be chosen according to the outfit!

The precious look with red

We start with the color Red, which not only is a classic for Christmas but is also very stylish when paired with the right way.

If you do not feel comfortable with a red dress, I guess you could also opt for just one particular of your outfit: stockings, shoes, handbag, belt or a detailed clothing.

In any case, given that the Red is already an important color, I would say that it is good to wear a jewel rather sober if you do not want to risk being confused with Christmas tree.

Then whip out your string of pearls because it’s his moment!

Perfect for your precious look matching earrings with pearls, a necklace with or without pendant of diamonds or simple earrings with diamonds.

Jewelry for total black

If you opt for an all-blacklook, then your precious look might be with fancy jewelry: necklaces with colored stones (aquamarine, Amethyst, jade, morganite, Topaz, etc.) precious pendants, big earrings or bracelets .

On black you can also sfiziarvi jewelry with pink coral or chalcedony. Needless to say to be careful not dispel all the jewel case on me, it takes a moment to be confused for a Christmas illuminations!

Entre nous,l Black is absolutely perfect for enhancing the diamonds, and if you get it’s time to Don the rubies (so there is also the Red touch!), emeralds and sapphires.

If you prefer a bon ton look, with the pearls you can never go wrong never, I tell you to do! For a more rock, opt for a beautiful necklace or bracelet to hard range.

Precious fantasy outfit

In case you want to aim at a fancy look, with combinations of colors, fabrics and prints, so try not to overdo it with jewels because it takes a moment to exceed the limit of good taste.

To avoid this, I would say don’t match color or contrast, whimsical jewelry stones.Would you prefer a gold pendant earrings, simple clean lines and a nice ring.

At this point I can only wish you a Merry Christmas, I wonder if tonight you will meet your Mr. Darcy with a sweater with reindeer as in Bridget Jones’s diary. I, in any case, Colin Firth as a gift do not disdain … after having set fire to the sweater, you mean!