Christian Louboutin Makes Shoes for Barbie

Have you ever thought one day you’d been jealous of your dolls? Prepare to die of envy because one of the largest and most acclaimed shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, that of ultra-feminine footwear immediately recognizable by the red sole chose Barbie, the shapely doll most popular plastic in the world, as a muse, done in cooperation with Mattel, the historic manufacturer of the doll, a set of Barbie limited edition ultra glamorous version complete with thumbnails of the most successful models of shoes or boots signed by the designer.

The stab version of Barbie was created to celebrate 50 years of the famous doll and follows a series of initiatives that have played a leading role along with other well-known designers throughout 2009. The same designer in addition to realize these two dolls for which -has dichiarato- was inspired by the timeless charm of divine beauty as Nefertiti and Marilyn Monroe, has lent itself with great irony to act as a Barbie partners in a series of shots that made ??up the “My album year in Paris with Christian Louboutin”. the Barbie the fashion designer (, made ??in two versions, one, the “Cat Burglar”, which is a red scratchy black onesie fitting that in the package, including the four pairs of shoes that owns-lucky her! – also boasts the coveted model “Differa”, and the other the “Dolly Forever” wearing the boots of the most famous designers, the ones with fringes that has bothered all fashionistas Doc, are on sale from today at the online site net-a-porter the £ 100 price. It is not yet clear whether to purchase them will be girls dreamy fashion victim or envious.