Choosing Dining Table Lighting

Choosing the light fixture for the dining table makes a huge difference in the decor of your living room. The set table, chairs, chandelier or lamp, in addition to combine with each other, should have harmony with the rest of the environment, even more today, when living and dining rooms are generally in the same space.

Firstly decide if the lighting of the dining table will be an item to attract attention or more discreet: Is there any point for which you want all the interest? The living area already has a super interesting lamp and chandelier and the living room is small? In this case, opt for a luminaire in discrete size and model, compatible with the size of the table and style of decoration and at least 80 cm in height of the top.

If you have in the living area an interesting lamp like this one above and especially if dinner and seating are in the same environment and it is small and with low ceiling (which is not the case in the photo above), opt for a More discreet luminaire on the dining table to not overdo it.

Beautiful choice, unobtrusive and that blends beautifully with the dining room table, chairs and colors, even when there is a more “arrived” chandelier in the seating, it can work for its simplicity and size.

When the dining area is a space like this, a great choice are more than a small lamp and they do not draw that much attention. Note that the model fits perfectly to the minimalist and clear environment.

Another situation similar to the previous one. Luminaires in dark tones are emphasized, because behind is the cabinet in strong yellow.

If you do not have another strong point of interest in the room and/or want to draw attention to the dining area, you can dare more and choose a more interesting model that attracts the eyes but do not forget that it must continue to be compatible with The size of the table and the style of the room decoration (and the minimum height of 80 cm from the top).

A lovely option to get attention with rectangular tables (she could be a little lower, in my opinion). In this case, if the living area is in the same environment, it is not very large and the right foot is low (like the picture above), it is better to have a discreet ceiling in the living room.

Of course you can opt for discrete models in the 2 environments, leaving other items the main role in the decoration. It is good to do this also when the decor is more colorful and flashy.

With so many colors and details it is good that the lamp on the dining table is neutral and discreet.

A great choice for high right feet-light fixtures on different levels

Another great combination: Although we have 2 expressive luminaires, the neutrality of their colors and the very different formats allow the use in the small environment without being “too much”. Breaking rules is always possible, but you have to know them well and use common sense.