Choosing an Ironing Board

Choose the best board model is a task that requires some precautions and the same choice must be made according to your needs. We have said that all the houses are characterized by disproportionate loads of garments. Indeed the greater the house residents plus load of clothes is growing dramatically.

Arrange them, wash them and especially stirali, all require a lot of energy, time and patience.

But at least for straightening the edge instrumentation greatly facilitates the host, making it easier and more comfortable. The thought immediately turns to modern ironing boards, high off the ground, ergonomic, designed and manufactured to avoid annoying position pains that often afflict those who are staying longer ironing.


It is characterized by multiple complementary sections and removable extensions if necessary, with various utilities: Place hot iron; storing mistreated clothing; fold the clothes freshly ironed; keep on hand detergents and other products that are sprayed onto the laundry to accelerate anti-crease operations …

The ironing boards are obviously allies essential for all home, as indexdotcom says. Complements are present in every home, to keep on hand to proceed to ironing whenever you need it, to fold up and store in a convenient laundry, when out of use.

Once evaluated the available space in the house, both the opening and the axis of its box, you can proceed to the choice of the most satisfactory model. We see the ones most successful in the current market.

The extremely traditional model Astir Cherry Furniture Italy.

It is a solid ironing table and very sturdy, made ​​of cherry color beech wood. A model equipped with: a work surface strengthened by a network in zinc and covered with pure cotton fabric; a lower base for garments to be ironed; a door-grate boiler concealed.

In the opening phase it occupies an area of 87 cm high, 135 cm wide and 45 cm deep. A high value item, the completely Italian production. Excellent quality / price ratio.

Simple, handy and made ​​entirely of metal, the Model Compact Polti.

It is a table ironing ultra-light and ultra-compact. Closed takes up very little space; when open is stable and well structured. It equipped with a work plan perforated for breathability; a lower floor to rest the clothes to be ironed; a door-boiler drum.

All made ​​of white painted metal and subjected to anti-corrosion treatment. The ideal model for the hosts who can take advantage of small laundries to better organize because of space.

For those, however, has a larger area to be equipped with an ironing board which also face cabinet room to store clothes to iron, the perfect model is undoubtedly the Board of Walnut Foppapedretti.

It is a low cabinet with two doors that with a few simple gestures can extract from inside everything you need to stretch: the axis, the boiler, the shelf rests garments and clothing themselves. The fully made ​​of wood cabinet is available in different finishes: clear, white, walnut, wenge, Canaletto.

The ironing board is very stable, with its wooden feet thick and resistant; the plan of work is high, wide and comfortable. A cabinet equipped with small wheels for easy movement.

A complement which not only simplifies the ironing operations, but also presents a pleasant and appreciable from an aesthetic point of view.

A bargain for the hosts that in the purchase of each piece of furniture, including ironing board, go in search of the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.