Children’s Winter Clothing

Nothing better than finding good choices of winter children’s clothing so that our children do not suffer from the cold.Check out the trends here on the Tricae blog and get inspired to get that repaginada in your little ones’ wardrobe.Enjoy and leave your suggestions.

Although we are still in the autumn, the cold is already beginning to punish us and winter is getting closer every day. In the case of the small, protecting them from the cold is even more important, since their health is a little more sensitive than the adults and it is fundamental that they are properly wrapped to carry out their activities with tranquility.Besides, we can not forget the style of the clothes, do not we?Leaving the beautiful and well-dressed little ones is rewarding to them and to us, the proud dads.

We have already done a post recently on the trends of winter and fall 2014, so today we will reinforce these ideas and also show various pieces of clothing and accessories at that will be very successful in this cold season. Enjoy to repaginar the wardrobe of your little one with much more style and comfort, remembering that the main thing is to keep you warm and protected from time, or as Grandma would say: away from the serene.


This is perhaps the first piece of clothing that comes to our head when we think of how to protect ourselves from the cold, after all, it is in the trunk and in the arms where we feel colder and with children this is no different.Available models of jackets and coats are as diverse as possible, whether for boys or for girls.The trends also encompass countless tastes, pleasing even the most discerning child with their look.

The strongest trends for jackets in 2014 are furs and leathers , which make the look look more beautiful and stylish, and offer great protection against the cold. As it is important to preserve nature, fauna and flora, it is nice that these parts are made of synthetic materials, which do not harm the environment and also give an extra tone of environmental responsibility, fundamental factors nowadays, in which children should learn from an early age to preserve nature. In addition to leather and fur, a fabric that never goes out of style is jeans , perfect for mid season.There are lined models that leave the body warmer, ideal for colder days.


The pieces of sweater are quite versatile, since they can be used in the most diverse occasions. They are pants and warm clothes of the most varied styles possible that can be dressed in rides, in the practice of physical activities and even to go to school (most school uniforms of cold are made in the material). Knits also have their guaranteed space on the catwalks and streets in 2014, sweaters , shirts and other garments in this style are on the rise at the station.

The colors that stand with everything this year are those more natural and light, such as gray, beige, brown, white and black.Some more vivid tones are also present in major world collections, such as red, orange and fuchsia.The combination of the pieces is for the child and the parents, see the models that please you and enjoy the cold with much more style and comfort.


Another piece that can not miss in any wardrobe is the good old pants .Regardless of the material used, it should keep the lower limbs warm and protected.In the case of small ones that are very electric, the ideal is to opt for models that guarantee greater flexibility of the legs, so that they can run, play and jump with freedom of movement and comfort.

The fabrics that make up the piece can be quite diverse, and jeans and sweatpants are the most common.But twill, knitwear, cotton and other materials are also always welcome, after all, the comfort and joy of the children are the first factors that must be taken into account.The important thing is that they are dressed according to their personal tastes, it is no use trying to impose a style that does not please them.

Children’s shoes

At this time of year, the ideal is that shoes are closed and protect the feet from the action of time and also from moisture. Boots , sneakers , shoes and sneakers are the most suitable options for the season, since they are able to keep their feet isolated from the cold weather, besides giving the necessary support for the activities and, of course, that charm more for the small ones, who love to be dressed with style and personality.

As said above, the little ones have a lot of energy to spend and they are all the time running, joking and jumping for everything that is singing. Therefore, the ideal is that shoes offer the greatest comfort possible, so the perfect footwear is tennis, which protects your child’s feet from the cold and also ensure a lot of comfort and safety for your daily activities.But, this does not exclude other footwear, just know on what occasion they will be used.

Heads, caps and hoods

These accessories add the finishing touches to the look and protect the little ones’ head from the cold.The trends are the same as mentioned above, such as fur, leather and knitwear.But, the important thing is that your child is safe and comfortable for the day to day.Here at Tricae you will find numerous accessory options, one more beautiful than the other.So let the imagination flow and view your little one with style and personality.

Do we forget something?Do you know of any other trends not mentioned here?Leave your suggestions, reviews and comments below.Until next time, guys!