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  1. Snow White

Check out tips for decorating snow white party and be inspired

Fairy tales are constant themes of party decorations and give rise to a playful environment that delights all ages. Protagonist of the film “snow white and the seven dwarfs”, Princess Snow White is a favorite of children for his kindness and gentleness and nothing better than rely on character of children’s tales to mount the party decor.

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Snow White

Snow White is a fairy tale character published by the Brothers Grimm in early 1800, but it was in 1937 that the Princess has become a real icon to make your own film produced by Disney, the drawing “snow white and the seven dwarfs”. The film tells the story of the Princess who flees to the forest seeking escape from envy and evil of the evil Queen. There, snow white meets the seven dwarfs, a mine workers that receive the Princess in your House. Despite everything that has to face, snow white has its happy ending next to Prince charming, who saves her from a deep sleep caused by poisoned Apple by the Queen.

Snow White Party Decoration

The snow white party decoration is shaping up to be a big hit as the theme of the celebration. Inspired by iconic design keys and mounting the ideal color palette, you can transform the environment of the party in an amazing place and worthy of praise. Check out tips to hit at the party and hands to work.

* Colors

The colours of the decoration must be inspired by the character, so use in the yellow, blue, red and white. Green, symbolizing the forest can also be decoration as well as shades of wood. Use the colors in the fabric to cover the tables on cutlery, in plates, in flower arrangements and the balls, for example.

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* Iconic Elements

Use the iconic elements of the design of the snow white is a good thing in time to organise your party decor. The red apple is a strong reference to the character icon and you can use both on the table by placing the candy apples of love layout, as in arrangements for centerpiece.

A good tip is to make apple-shaped coaster using EVA paper or corrugated cardboard with laminating. Another tip is to include the reference in the souvenirs of party: fruit-shaped lipsticks yet are very successful with children.

The magic mirror where the Queen is questioned if there is someone lovelier than she can also be decoration. A good tip is to use a MDF frame easily found at craft stores with Provencal details and paint it gold, hanging on the panel behind the cake table to a beautiful detail.

* Animals

Snow White loves animals and you can use them in decoration. Opt for designs of birds, bunnies, turtles and other cute pets in the forest. A tip is to use stuffed animals to the environment, especially on the cake table.

* Forest

The drawing is set in the forest and you can decorate any environment like an enchanted forest, full of pets and playful elements. Make a Panel to stand behind the cake table with artificial leaves and don’t forget to have the party flower arrangements. Choose the red, yellow and blue and make arrangements by mixing three shades also gives super right. Include arranging apples pretend to be even more within the theme.

Use dry twigs to build the scenery behind the cake table can also ensure incredible decor. Try hanging apples still pretend.

* Dwarves

The seven dwarfs are the great companions and supporters of snow white and so can also be part of the decor. Use images of the characters printed on the wall or throw hand of miniatures of the dwarves. If you find, you can also use plushes. Arrange the dwarves of fun on the table of the cake and arouse the creativity of children.

Another tip is to use the hats of the characters in the decoration. Use to place the cutlery in and distribute on the tables, to cover the lid of juice bottles or distribute for the guests use during the celebration.

* Fabrics

Choose fabrics such as satin and tulle to coat tables and chairs. A good tip is to coat the tables like the skirt of snow white. To do this, place a white cloth with the bar in detail worked out and over the yellow fabric. Finish with a red ribbon around the table giving a Ribbon to symbolize the bow used by the character.

The snow white party decoration will delight children and guests. Invest in delicacy, colors and objects that refer to the drawing and be inspired to make yours.