Check out the Complete List of Brands of Fashion Weekend

Is coming the Weekend Plus Size Fashion! What butterflies! I’m excited, nervous, I gained about 10 Kg, all chewed my nails … hahaha … We are not in the 16th edition, but will spend more 50 edits and I will be an old lady and crazy, anyway, as if for the first time. I want to see everyone there, huh?!

A big event only with big brands. Check out the line up of this Edition:

More Cloth -on the market for six years as e-commerce Plus Size menswear, launched in 2017 the brand after studying consumer behavior for a year. The pieces of Cloth Over the number 80 without distinction of prints or modeling. Brings the slogan: its size does not define your clothes. A number does not define your style. You’re the one who defines what you’re wearing. In your first participation in FWPS presents the summer collection and also the manifest with the concept More cloth.

Maria Abacaxita -the brand of fun size presents collection inspired by the brazilian nature. Tropical climate, floral, fun prints and many new features to the esbanjarem charm girls everywhere. To coordinate with various looks of parade shoes Piccadilly, which comes as a partner of the brand in this edition of the event.

Umen -male brand that already is a senior at FWPS highlights shirts, pants, shorts and t-shirts with prints for show that fat can also be bold in visual.

Pernambucanas – the collection of spring-summer 2017/2018 sought inspiration in a Tropical Safari. The theme brings femininity to submit prints scarf combined with floral and foliage. Lace, embroidery, ruffles and delicate textures bring lightness to the collection, prints a lot of personality to looks. Dresses, blouses and skirts with joyful and timeless prints and striped brand presence. And many new features in the collection of lingerie: the Romantic line brings the freshness of summer theme, highlighted by Red wire and floral, while the Hot line has contrasting embroideries as main icons, which still share space with the rechilie lace and tulle.

Glimpse -the mark gaúcha de lingerie is veteran FWPS brings you a collection that highlights several pieces to be on display, inside the main trends of the moment. Bra straps are worked, cropped tops to leave out, belly Bras with lace to appear. The night line with corsets, camisoles, garterbelt and beachwear collection complete the looks that will be shown.

Gracia Alonso -In your second participation at the event of women’s fashion brand presents a collection inspired by the Contemporary Romantic woman and also meets the style of independent woman, versatile that you know where you’re going and this simplifies your looks so sophisticated. In featured color chart for the eternal combination Black & White and green-water that brings all the freshness of summer.

Reizz -With the slogan: is fashion for all genres, loves, ethnic groups and sizes, the football player mark Cleber Kings with your brother and sister-in-law – Plus Size model Lis Maria Pinheiro – including has modeled in FWPS-flirts with the urban, casual and elegant with versatile pieces that make up looks for the most various situations of everyday life. The numbering goes to the 56. The collection that will be presented at the event highlights jeans with light washes, ethnic prints, transparencies and color chart brings the classic black and white, gray, green and pink. The brand promises a spectacle of inclusion on the catwalk.

Arsiè -Gaucho brand of lingerie and swimwear participates for the first time of the event with a collection inspired by the woman who dreams, who lives and goes beyond. A woman attitude, personality, with a thousand ideas, tuned, eager for news and that is always connected. The modeling values the biotype of the brazilian woman, skirting the silhouette and fabrics that adapt to the body. The color chart from the more sober tones as nude in their most diverse presentations the vibrant tones that reflect the personality of the woman Arsiè. The collection reflects the lifestyle of the brand: a style, free, light, loose.

Zuya -started out as e-commerce fashion plus size, but after two collections realized that I got options for the young audience and with numbering in addition to 52, then owning a Bia Ceyala that is formed in sets created his own brand that caters from 46 to 62. The 2018 summer collection that will be on the catwalk of FWPS brings the backcountry and the cangaço as theme.

Wonder Size – Born from the dream of two childhood friends and now Amanda Momente, enterprising members of 28 years and Marioli Oliveira, 32-year-old designer, Wonder Size comes with a casual fitness clothing that moves between the academies and the day to day activities, with parts designed to offer comfort, support, practicality and beauty. In the event launches the, humorous collection consists of basic pants and blouses with differentiated prints, perfect for use on several occasions. And 44 to 66 vest. On the catwalk of the brand will be the dancers of the Group Me Gusta, digital influencer and model Bia Rudz Dani Gremion, who parade exclusively for Wonder.

Queen Nago -the brand of afro pop style participates in another edition of FWPS and brings a collection with street footprint in the mood: “the plus size fashion with the attitude that comes from royalty!”

Afro Style – the brand new plus size male was created by the same team of Queen Nago with the same urban footprint inspired by the American streets with bright colors and hot and a lot of style and attitude.

25 Hats – many of the hats paraded in other editions of the store were 25 Hats FWPS which has an affinity for male and female models and that this edition debut as exhibitor with wholesale and retail sale.

The business lounge with the participation of all the brands above and accessory brands Mary Help – creative and sustainable accessories and Thalita Lameme -bold, colorful accessories brand and funny for people who grab the Limpkin and loves life.


12:00 – Talk with Plus Size bloggers – what they expect of the brands and stores?

The influenciadoras Ju Romano ( Roman Ju’s blog, is a journalist in love with fashion, beauty and music), Mel Sh (from chill out Baby blog that talks about self-esteem, plus size fashion and beauty, has a unique style, good female) and Natalia ‘s birth (the Stylish on the Metroblog, image consultant and producer of fashion and fashion shows of everyday life and the diversity of styles in public transportation, to make it clear that fashion not only in parades and editorials). They talk about the world of Plus Size bloggers and what they want from the brands and stores the thread.

14 hours ago-By my shop doesn’t sell? With Renata Poskus

The Director of Fashion Weekend Plus Size acts as a consultant specializing in Plus Size and submit to shopkeepers, businessmen and sellers the reasons for success or failure for specialty stores in Plus Size and giving tips for a trajectory of success.

16:00-2018 summer Trends with Sandra Teschner, Profashional Publisher

The Publisher Profashional that performs several custom publications for retail brands entered into partnership with the Fashion Weekend Plus Size and the Publisher of the Publisher Sandra Teschner will present the 2018 summer trends focusing on Plus Size segment. Sandra circulates by major fashion events in the world, from Shanghai to Dubai and captures more than fashion trends and lifestyles, yes fashion, art and culture.