Check Out Five Headphones for Those Who Love to Travel

List brings devices ideal for those who like to take the road

Headset travel can not be either.To help prevent the tedium of long journeys, you need to offer comfort, portability, practicality and preferably a good blocking of external noise.

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Brands like Philips, JBL, AKG and Sennheiser appear on our list, with prices varying from $ 51 to $ 2049, fitting into different types of budget.Looking for a companion for your next adventure?So check out our list.

Philips SHL3060 – R $ 51

Being the cheapest item on the list (about $ 51 in online retail), the Philips SHL3060 is a good choice for those who want to save money and at the same time find a good travel companion.That’s because its 160 g weight combined with the folding and portable design make it a great device to carry in the suitcase or backpack, especially if there is little space available.The manufacturer ensures that upholstered cushions are comfortable and fit to the ears, which is great if the time on the road is long.

Performance also fulfills the role for a handset in this price range.Frequently from 10 Hz to 22 KHz, it should guarantee sufficient quality to help the time pass faster to the final destination.

JBL Inspire 300

The JBL Inspire 300 In-Ear Stereo can also be a good option for travelers.It comes with a carrying case, which can prevent loss, damage and that it embole inside the suitcase.As comfort is very important in long journeys, know that it has FlexSoft technology that promises a soft material that does not hurt the ears, even after hours of playback.You can also sleep peacefully, without fear of losing the accessory:the TwistLock design ensures never to drop the phone.

The device also offers a control that allows you to control music tracks and phone calls.In both online retail and in the official store, it is possible to buy the JBL Inspire 300 for $ 129.


Nothing worse than trying to listen to music on the plane and can not because there is too much noise.The AKG N60 NC can help with this problem.Its noise canceling system is able to balance the external sounds and soften its interference in music, without prejudice to the quality of the track.In addition, it promises not to abandon you during the most boring times, as it can withstand up to 30 hours of operation until the next recharge.

Frequently from 10 Hz to 22 KHz and 32 ohms impedance, the handset also offers a quality sound experience.But its price can be salty:$ 779 in stores over the internet.

Sennheiser PXC 250-II – R $ 949

The playback time that the Sennheiser promises for the PXC 250-II battery is 50 hours, which is great for those who will spend a lot of time traveling.It also has noise cancellation and can help you escape the sounds of noisy engines and passengers.Its design is compact and foldable, adjusting to various sizes of luggage, and the model comes with a carrying case.According to the manufacturer, it is also adapted to be compatible with the entertainment systems of airplanes.

Its frequency from 10Hz to 21KHz, coupled with the impedance of 300 ohms impresses.The average value for which it was found in online retail stores is $ 949.

Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless – US $ 999

This is a Sennheiser headset that can be a great choice for travel.According to the manufacturer, the noise canceling system works even in the most chaotic places;the louder the noise around you, the stronger the cancellation.It is foldable and therefore can be easily loaded.Being wireless, running via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, will not grab on other items in the bag.In addition, it is lined with cushions which, according to Sennheiser, are designed to fit different types of ear, which can provide greater comfort.

The sound does not disappoint.Frequently ranging from 17Hz to 23KHz and impedance of 490 ohms, the PCX 550 can deliver a clean, faithful sound.On the official website, it costs $ 2049.

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