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Between 75 and 120 euros

Office Artist

Since 2013, Olivier Cothenet, creator of the brand, offers a good balance of formal shirts and casual with high armhole but a more generous cut and with a little room in the back for not letting the side comfort during long days in the office. They are also distinguished by original textures. We talk in detail about the test conducted last December.

Plus: Combine a good margin on the back and a high armhole is a good compromise for a fitted silhouette while remaining comfortable. Much work textures

The least: Ca size large enough (and the buttons are plastic). The trademark (the blue band at the wrists) removes a bit of formality.

Oxence Paris

An emerging brand that has put the package on some finishes that do not normally find in this price range (shift armhole, hand fitted neck) and with excellent quality fabrics. The cut is a good compromise and auussi complies silhouette while leaving some ease.

The test is here . (Note: despite the pictures of me at the store, I am not affiliated with the brand).

Plus: A delicate and fine for the price (collar mounted hand and shift the armhole)

The least: Still quite limited stocks.


A brand I have not yet had the opportunity to test, but the offer is very varied both in terms of fabrics constructions (it is the only brand I know of in this price range that offers Pin Collar). The outlet category also allows to make good case and is rather well supplied both in terms of models and in terms of size.

Plus: The treated material and a nice variety of passes (including pine collar)

The least: Nothing to report (but I eventually will complete this part after the test)

Half measure

Cotton Society

A brand I have not been tested but probably one of the best quality / price in half measure under 100 euros: it is also the beautiful story of a successful migration of expertise in workshops Shanghai founder Fabrice Buhan. It took place mainly through the forum through which depiedencap Fabrice was able to meet an expert from the French craft shirt that has allowed to make any garment control needed to Chinese labor.
The measurement taken online has excellent feedback. Upcoming test.

Most: A ultra affordable price and a garment supervised by industry pioneers.

Minimum: A manufacturing in China (qualitative) but suddenly longer delays. Upcoming test.

The Chemiseur

A key concept that contains all measurement information is central to the concept The Chemiseur: this is handy for orders or to be offered gifts. The measuring point system is simple and allows even be some adjustments.
The price / quality ratio is against perfectible: quite expensive it pays for finishes and materials a bit short of the competition.

Plus: A simple plug and successful measures interface and a concept of key practices.

The least: slightly worse Materials and finishes.


A budget of 150-160 euros, Swann & Oscar is probably the best choice in half measures with manufacturing in France, a catalog of over 3000 fabrics and especially an offer sartoriales finishes (eg with Milanese shoulders) that one does not exist elsewhere. next test!

Plus: Expertise pushed and excellent finishes. Fabric with excellent technical data and information presentation on the titration and visible thickness of the first glance. For bulk purchase at wholesale price, check

The least: Prices have increased a lot over the last few years (it remains honest compared to standard luxury brands).

Saint Sens

Saint-Sens is the sign of half-measure of Menlook, so there is a very good quality / price ratio in the tissues, but attention to the name “cotton rich” which actually refers to cotton mixed with synthetic. The finishes are also treated

Plus: Good quality / price ratio, especially with the welcome offer to 59 euros (100% cotton)

The least: Sometimes some approximations on measures (but any necessary alterations are offered on the first shirt), sometimes too thin fabrics. Beware blends with synthetic (called “cotton rich”).