Cheap Lingerie: 6 Finds for Less than $ 50.00

Making a purchase of cheap lingerie is always a good idea. With quality products in the most diverse styles and models, Le Lingerie is a shop specializing in basic, stylish, romantic and sensual women’s pieces. Like the idea? Check below for any suggestions that cost less than $ 50!

6 Cheap Lingerie Options

So, have you been curious to know the lingerie options  that you can buy for less than $ 50 reais? Yes, it’s possible! Get it now!

Sexy Panties

These two models of cheap lingerie have come to hallucinate the partners who want to spice up the relationship. With lace, transparencies and romanticism to spare, these two pieces are the ideal options for the days when you want to seduce.

Basic Panties

Every woman needs inexpensive and basic lingerie models  for the makeup of looks. Super-comfortable, easy to match and soft fabrics, they’re perfect for those days when you’re in the “vibe relax.”

Lacy Bras

The lacy bras are the preference of most women. Romantic, delicate and, most of all, with transparencies, these models can be seen in basic, modern versions – such as the strappy bra  – and sensual, like cast versions.

Basic Bras

Just like the panties, the bras basic are the great break branches of the days when you want to be light and comfortable. These models can be with or without bulge, in classic tones and with the most different fabrics. It’s worth having yours!

Did You Like The Models Of Cheap Lingerie?

So, are you in love with Le Lingerie’s cheap lingerie options ? To know all the details of the products and make a complete purchase and superbaratinha, access the site, make your choices and select the best method of payment- you can install up to 12x in the card. A drag! Comes!