Cheap Laptops Under 600 Euro In The Test

All tested laptops come with a 15.6-inch display (39.6 cm) and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Apart from the wortmann notebook shine all displays. You show this although slightly sharper and sharper images than monitors with a matt finish, however, reflections on. You encounter when working in bright surroundings on the so-called glossy displays.



Six of the eight test candidates have fast core i5 processors by intel on board and thus achieved a very high pace of work. The clock frequency is 2.3 or 2.4 ghz depending on the model. In more elaborate tasks, core i5 turns on the turbo-boost and increased the pace to up to 3 ghz. The notebooks from sony and wortmann offer only a core i3 processor without turbo, work slower. Thus

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Mid-range notebooks in the test

8 notebooks the test candidates in detail


Most notebooks have middle-class gpus, which averaged around 20 to 30 frames per second in the test. Many current games were so neat. The weaker graphics chips of the models from HP, sony and wortmann did too little for smooth playback only 15 frames per second. The test criteria, see the article COMPUTER determined image of the pace of the game.

Hard drive and burner

With approximately 500 to 700 gigabytes, the test candidates offer much space for data and programs. All devices have a DVD burner on board. In addition, the drives in the HP and sony notebook playing blu-ray discs.


The notebooks from acer, medion, wortmann offer USB 3.0 ports. To copy data to external USB 3.0 drives twice as fast as USB of 2.0 external monitors connect via VGA or HDMI. The memory card slot is missing any device the laptops from sony and HP take but not MS card to.


Each notebook in the test lasts at least two hours. The models from ASUS and fujitsu create a battery life of more than three hours at work as well as when playing videos. The battery of the notebook from medion, wortmann, sony are weakest

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The packard bell easynote trumps all other laptops in the test both the work and the pace of play and thus occupies the top spot. It offers eight gigabytes of memory, a large hard drive, and the best software package. But also the other notebooks do well only the wortmann notebook is easy.