Cheap Jewelry: 15 Trends on Aliexpress

I want to summarize this month and so, go into tradition and publish a summary every month. In July I wrote a few very informative posts about trends, recommendations and the designs of the big brands. But we all want to have the opportunity to try and acquire the best options for cheap jewelry, that is why I want to dedicate this post to this type of jewelry related to what I have talked about this month. And the most important thing is that all these options can be found in Aliexpress.
Accessories of the 60’s:

During the 60’s, earrings as described in accessory choices with geometric shapes was very popular , so women showed their individuality in unusual combinations, which is why this style is very fashionable today.I have found this wonderful style of earrings at a store called, ” Fashion Utopia No.1 ” The price is only $ 2, but there is a special offer with a 50% discount.

This store has been around for 4 years, and offers the most diverse variations of jewelry. There I found a long boho style necklace , which will be a trend in 2017. It only costs $ 3 and also has a discount.

Ties bolo – classic and punk:

The bolo tie is very peculiar, unusual and interesting, so it is quite expensive and you can find it in some exclusive boutiques.It is also very suitable for summer.

The bolo tie serves as an unofficial symbol of freedom in the office.

It gives elegance, making you a real gentleman, but I must mention that girls can use it too and it can really be economic.There are several Indian designers who make them in silver and natural turquoise.

This classic variation is economical and I found it in the ” Far East Direct-Sale” store.

It exists for 2 years, but this store does not actually sell jewelry, but if you can find other kind of ties, belts, hats and so on.

I have always liked things with unusual design and this bolo tie is my favorite, as it does not have a historical aspect, but if it is impregnated with punk and hipster styles , making it original.I bet no one would guess it’s from Aliexpress.

The ” MJ Fashion ” store existed 3 years ago and sells not only punk jewelry, but also t-shirts and sweaters, but it’s all for men, so I want you to pay attention to this boho necklace that is also for boys and for just $ 13.


Quartz is the true start of all the stones you know.

This is the first stone that surprised with its beauty and is the same stone, found in almost all jewelers. So how about we use fake quartz ?Because even so, the jewelry would look very beautiful.

This pendant I found in the store ” ArtiLady Jewelry ” and say it is natural crystal.

So, if your price is only $ 5 and your color is cosmic, why not buy it ?. This store has been around for 4 years and they also sell lots of jewelry with boho style, some brooches and chokers.

The chokers for autumn 2016 , may have embroidery with stones, pearls and Swarovski crystals.The necklaces can have any type of precious metal, different fabrics and leather.

It’s ending the summer, buy lipitor online uk hurry up!:

In summer of 2016, the main jewelry is large and natural.

And the perfect boho style supports this trend, because it does not contradict the rules of fashion and makes your look unusually interesting.The best boho option for a bracelet, would have to have white marble beads, could even have another color.

” Love Eternal Jewelry CO., LTD ” has been in Aliexpress for 2 years and have a large number of products for lovers of boho or Pandora style.

Each piece costs a maximum of 5 dollars.

Another trend for summer 2016, is the bracelet ring , where the bracelet is connected to a ring with fine threads of some metal or leather.This style can be found in the store ” Stylish Accessories “, where they offer very interesting items.

And while the summer season has no Indian style for ankle bracelets, you get a second approval thanks to the introduction of the double chain bracelet with crystals, stones and metal. You can find this style only 2 dollars:

Another trend, typical of jewelry for the summer season 2016, is the use of jewelry with some wood material along with asymmetrical shapes . Wooden bracelets are at the peak of popularity in the new season, so I really liked this bracelet with colorful wood, can be found in the store ” Ailsa Jewelry ” for only 5 or 6 dollars:

The main trends for 2017:

The floral motifs made of gold are among the trends of 2017. Click for tuitear.

The jewelry similar to floral motifs, is perfect for the end of the summer, because they would give a special and elegant warmth. Necklaces and earrings in the shape of golden earrings can be found in ” Fashion Lady Jewelry .1 ” and is exactly what we need in 2017.

And you can find what you need in this wonderful store, even caught my attention the great anklets that have made with multicolored stones.

Oh my God, with these anklets you do not need shoes, just a bathing suit and a beautiful hairstyle. Everything costs about $ 10.

Bvlgari managed to introduce the style of the snakes in the trends for 2016 and even for those of 2017. And can be found in a necklace or bracelet . The first style is in ” CEV Fashion Jewelry ” and is quite cheap, but very useful. It’s really great and you can use it as a necklace, a strap or a bracelet.

The large animal-shaped rings with lots of stones and strange shapes with boho colors (blue, turquoise, red and silver) are another popular boho trend. In this case, you can use a ring on each finger, because the bigger the better. In this shop you can also find it, for only 1-2 dollars:

The second style of snake jewelry, is less universal and is more expensive, but I think it’s worth it. We will find it in the store Viennois , in version of bracelet and necklace.

This store also offers vintage rings for just $ 10 each:

Several pendants in incomprehensible shapes (geometric, triangles, circles) will be a success among the trends of 2017. This style is available in the store ” PrePiece Jewelry ” and they say it is natural turquoise:

And there are also a lot of similar pieces.