Changing the Air with Decorative Stickers

The decorative stickers are not becoming a trend for nothing. There are many reasons why many people like their designs, traits, colors and joviality. It is very easy, practical, cheap and beautiful to apply the stickers to redecorate your house or apartment.

We already taught, in another post, how to change the decoration of an environment without having to change furniture . Now, let’s complement by giving tips so you do not go wrong in choosing and applying a decorative sticker to give a new face to your home.

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Stickers Are Great For Coloring A White Wall

Completely white walls, especially those that do not have pictures, photos or other decorative accessories, seem to bring a sense of emptiness and that something is missing. The adhesives have this great advantage: bring more life to this type of environment. You can apply them in a wider area or use smaller stickers to just add a more funky touch to the room.

If the room is already colored (be it the walls, furniture or accessories), you can choose adhesives with more sober and neutral colors.

Decorative Stickers Are Perfect For Children’s Rooms And Cool Environments

These are the two major audiences who have adhered to the trend of  decorative stickers: fathers of babies or children and young people. This is because rooms and more classical environments do not match this type of accessory. The stickers are ideal for places that are more playful and relaxed or that may abuse colors a little more (as in the case of children’s rooms).

It Is Easier To Change When Tired Of The Look Of Stickers

If you want to change the face of your room or room a little, it is easy and inexpensive. Just remove the current sticker and put another one in the same or another place. It seems that the whole environment is renovated with a simple change.

Some Adhesive Care

It is important to check at the time of purchase if the sticker is removable (usually they are!). If it is not, there is a chance it will leave marks or even ruin the paint on your wall when it is removed. One tip is to place them on walls that have been painted with washable paint.

Also see if it is moisture resistant. Otherwise, it can not be placed in any environment (external or bathrooms, for example).

To remove the decorative adhesive, use a dryer and slowly remove the adhesive. Then use a damp cloth to remove any traces of glue remaining on the wall.