Casio: G Shock Premium

Icon in top form G-Shock premium – 1,000 to 6,200 Euros.

What began in 1983 with the first G-Shock after the “Triple1 10” concept, namely to create robust wristwatches with many helpful functions at, has been further developed and perfected over the years. Unlike the watches of the basic range, which are primarily distinguished by their fresh look and trendy design as iconic accessories for the younger target group, the premium models are aimed at watch lovers who place emphasis on exclusivity, but not on Toughness and technology of a G Sock. The G-Shock premium segment offers men’s watches for every requirement and every purse, setting trends and new standards.

For example, the material. While in the basic assortment mainly the resistant resin Resin is used, for a Casio watch in the premium segment also solid stainless steel and – as with theG-Shock MRG – titanium are used. The “Diamond Like Coating” provides the insensitivity of the surfaces, a unique feel and gives the high-quality G-Shock generation an exclusive character, as the MR-G occupies.

High Quality And High Technology

Of course, G-Shock watches also impress with their multifunctionality in the premium segment. Depending on the model, the stopwatch, world time or calendar are supplemented by modern sensor-based functions such as a compass, thermometer, air pressure display or tidal graphic. Casio also introduces innovative technologies such as radio-solar, Bluetooth® or GPS technology in the premium G-Shock collection.

As a world novelty, the Japanese manufacturer offers watches based on hybrid watch technology. For example, the GPW-G1000 from the G-Shock collection Gavitymaster uses an intelligent combination of radio and GPS technology to determine the precise time of the day, even if no atom-precise radio signal can be received.