Carpet for Your Bathroom

Many people fear their exit bath or shower: hot-cold, slide, humidity, lack of comfort.

Many people fear their exit bath or shower: hot-cold, slide, humidity, lack of comfort…Learn how to make your bathroom more comfortable, cozy and secure using the good carpet.

Carpets to bring more style

Many models now change the traditional square fleecy carpet. The carpet can be developed in original materials, such as PVC. They will be able to show the style of the bathroom (retro, design, glamour,…) or bring a smart contrast. Vivid tones to dark, United or multicolored, color graphic patterns to print (floral, striped, tribal, ethnic,…), brighten and make your most beautiful bathroom with a carpet. For example, it is now possible to have its feet wet on a patch of grass or a crime scene!

Carpets for more security and comfort

Bath or shower mat have emerged in our daily lives as a platform of stability for our feet. A first rug must place itself to the immediate exit of the bath. To ensure maximum safety and avoid any risk of falling, it must have a non-slip coating on the back and be well absorbing to effectively absorb the water flowing from the feet. Some carpets are equipped with suction cups for a better grip on the ground. There are also mats to place inside the tub or the receiver, essentially to protect the slides. A second belt, which is optional, can be placed as a result. Its role is to help finish to dry your feet and warm the body. You can choose a good soft carpet to get a sensation of softness, comfort and well-being. But for all these carpet, be sure to choose a model that is washable and easy to maintain so that it turns into a nest of bacteria.