Carnival Makeup Step By Step

The Carnival is coming to many up here yet.

Therefore, it is the time of the blocks, testing of the samba school, anyway … we can already hear tambourines and drums, is the revelry coming up with everything and, of course, no one wants to do without glamour by the biggest party in the world.

So, at the time the women go out in search of the ideal fantasy and, of course, make more cool. And that’s exactly what we’re going to show here, hints and tips for you to make nice with your Carnival makeup.

Carnal makeup: tips and Suggestions

And the most common question when are you approaching the Carnival is: how to choose the perfect Carnival makeup?

UM … of course, there is no single answer, because there is no perfect makeup, there is the right way to put on makeup and many cool options, since most exotic, daring, cheerful or even more discreet … one for each day of revelry ?!

Well, and, let’s face it, what are options are not lacking looks, and that’s what we’re going to show you now, looks to inspire, as well as tips and suggestions really nice.

Then, note the tips and make nice with the choice of your Carnival makeup!


Taking into account that the Carnival happens with temperatures to Grand, it takes, so invest in a suitable makeup, namely, to hold such a climate, without melting.

  • Before you start to make up, the tip is to spray cold water on her face, she will close the pores helping to fix the make-up of Carnival, then just remove the excess with a tissue;
  • Look in the bag carry the Compact, in case you need to brush up on makeup of Carnival;
  • Use paper towels to remove the oil from the face, so, whenever you need to take the shine of oiliness, just press lightly the tissue on the skin;
  • Use only d-proof products, not only water ´ eyeliner or mascara, but also correction, so the tip is to invest in waterproof products on your next purchase of cosmetics;
  • Always bet on products suitable for your skin type, i.e. to dry skin if your skin is dry.
  • If you have oily skin, as this type of fixed skin less makeup, use correctives and foundations compacts, not liquids.
  • Those who have dry skin, should invest in liquid, and the Compact powder should be used only to remove excess glitter. In excess, the powder can dry out the skin leaving it with a heavy appearance.



Start the Carnival makeup spraying cold water, to help close the pores, then remove any excess with a tissue.

Now is the time of primer, opt for the versions with silicone, which does not esfarelam and are great for standardising the skin, preferably a primer specific for the face and around the eyes, which is great for reducing the wrinkles.

Time to apply the basis, invest in a very natural, that is, with the color closest to the color of your skin as possible, and prefer the basis of dust.

When you go to apply the powder, the tip is to moisten the brush or sponge, ensuring a better fixation.

Avoid Compact on the cheeks, before the blush, also in powder, as this will cause the color of the blush come out faster. Remember: the powder must be applied lightly just in the forehead, nose, Chin, in the upper lip and neck.


Ready, now is the time of Shadow, prefer the creamy, since the powder versions are accumulated in expression marks. A tip is to pass a pencil of the same color under the shade or, even, a gloss, so the shade will paste in the gloss, lasting between 5 and 8 hours.


To keep the eyeliner for longer, the tip is to use a neutral shade as a base, applying with a brush moistened. Then, apply the eyeliner on top, it will secure better.


When you go to apply the lipstick, enjoy when the primer or base, to pass also on the lips and then a face powder over before applying the lipstick, and also apply the lipstick with a brush , then remove the excess and apply another layer of lipstick. Doing this, will see that will last much longer and won’t drain.

Another important trick is to use a lip liner pencil across the mouth before the lipstick, this will prevent the lipstick goes beyond the line of the lips.

But, anyone who wants to apply the gloss, it’s worth knowing that it flows very easily, but if you want to still apply it, prefer a lip gloss that is almost colorless, but don’t think of using it over lipstick, because the heat will melt everything.

Eyelash mask

Time of mascara, choose one that’s waterproof to prevent drain, and to stay with desired effect, the more mascara to apply, the better. But be careful not to apply and get too thick, try applying the mascara and spend a little brush to remove excess, then repeat the application, making thin layers.

Attention: to finalize the makeup of Carnival and make it last much longer, the tip, which is gold, is appealing to a makeup fixing spray, that in addition to protecting any alteration, makes the products applied on the face until they removed.


She is the face of revelry, Lady Gaga, and to copy this look above, invest in an eyebrow gloss green adhesive + lipstick shimmering blue in the mouth. In the eye, a graphic design with trace of Pencil black under eyes, nothing complicated to do, besides eyeliner and mascara!

Another inexhaustible source of inspiration for makeup of Carnival, is the singer Nicki Minaj? And to do a look the same, just apply on the eyelids a shade green creamy water and extend the tone in addition to the eyes, making a drawing of eyeliner kitten. At the root of the eyelashes superior, pass a layer of eyeliner. Use false eyelashes and white pencil on water line the eyes to highlight the look!

Anyone who wants to can also be inspired by this look of the singer Ke $ ha, just play in the glow with a silver drawing below the eyes, in addition to dash to eyeliner and mascara. Super provocative and sexy!

Want more picture to abstract ideas? Then see this selection and work in the choice of your Carnival makeup

Okay, now if you play in revelry, leveraging our tips but remembering that there’s no look more beautiful in the Carnival that joy, and of course, don’t forget to always remove the makeup before bed.