Carnival Costume Plus Size: Where To Find?

It’s been five years since I wrote a post giving tips of where to find plus size costumes. At the time only had met Yankee options to indicate, but with the advancement of plus size fashion in Brazil, today it is possible to find a Carnival costume plus size for your call! In addition to buying, a lot of people just wear clothes they have in the wardrobe and bet on decorative props, like headbands, belts and bracelets, for example.

Pinterest is full of amazing ideas to DIY for you to do by yourself, at home and still save. Thinking about it I even organized a folder with ideas especially for you. See my selection of DIY costumes and Props for Carnival on Pinterest!

But let’s talk about Carnival costume plus size: the brand that really created legal options for us was the Maria Abacaxita and the prices are also pretty cool. You can see everything in the store. The most expensive costume comes out R$ 149.00, but has prop kits by R$ 29.00, for example. Worth giving that good look: Our site.

It’s not much, but still have vastly improved and the trend is that we have more options every year. I really loved the initiative of Maria Abacaxita and I think there’s a lot of legal option out there for those who want to enjoy the revelry with style. I want to know what you intend to dress up this year and how they’re going to enjoy the Carnival. Kiss and I hope that the post from is helpful!