Cardigan Matching Ideas

Then, you discover the origin of five classic sets, as the trouser and Cardigan, who were part of the visual icons as Audrey Hepburn and still make success in visual of Taylor Swift and other famous. Check out!

The German top Dentistin the 1970, paraded the same piece of clothing with which Katie Holmes usually go around:denim jacket. For never out of fashion, some parts and trends, such as pants and red lipstick, pantaloons have become indispensable in the closet (or nécessaire) female. Below, you will find four classics of fashion-and discovers its origin-who were part of the Audrey Hepburn look and are still present in the looks of Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift.

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Denim Jacket

Clássico dos clássicos, the play was and came back from the short list of trends thousands of times over the years. Already been rebellious, short, long, and larguinha. Out of the streets for the holidays and hype. In the years 1970, the top German Veruschka anticipated what nobody doubts today: denim jacket is fashion.

Panama Hat

Functional and fashionable, Panama has more than a thousand years of history. the straw with which is manufactured only born in Ecuador and your production still is handmade. Was adopted by Americans and French who participated in the construction of the Panama Canal, so I got the nickname. Today, makes the head of fashionistas and celebrities.

Jeans Pant

The pants are a recent achievement of women. To give you an idea, in February this year was repealed a law that forbade the 1800 Parisians to use them unless they were cycling or horse! Practice as a trousers and fluid as a skirt, the trousers is guarantee of elegance. Crime is no use!

Red Lipstick

In the years 1930, actresses like Marlene Dietrich and Rita Hayworth have revolutionized the world with their mouths Carmine. took the red lipstick the common label and gave him freedom to come and go. Even Audrey Hepburn used it without fear. Today, the color is super trendy and looks good in most women.


The Cardigan was born in 1854, during the Crimean War, and was named in honor of general of the army, the Earl of Cardigan. By having fair, modeling was used underneath the uniforms. You example of other clothes, arose in a time of war to be used by men, but today’s Joker in the female wardrobe.

In the Gallery, see famous to not give up using key parts and be inspired in their classic styles, sexy, trendy and casual.