Car Coat Outerwear

Discreet, simple and always elegant. Car Coaten maybe is one of the most diverse and the wardrobe useful outerwear. To provide a little inspiration in the search for the perfect ytterplagget for the spring, Manolo has taken a closer look at this classic model.

Many trench coat or jacket outerwear army which is based on the small details with a variety of pockets and buckles. It is obviously convenient and neat as a contrast to an otherwise well-dressed style. For those who prefer a bit of subtle lines, however, is a much more suitable car coaten outerwear. The lårkorta length makes the model covers the jacket without being slow and clumsy. Along with a stripped-down form, this is an lättmatchat outerwear that fits equally well over businessviden that to a knitted sweater and cotton pants.

Although there are distinct autumn and winter versions in wool manufactured car coat usually in treated cotton or technical synthetic fabrics. Many manufacturers offer models with detachable inner lining, which increases the further uses. Passport forms are a little slimmer silhouette generally preferable to avoid having an old man feel. The characteristics of many of the models of the Italian producers is that they are sewn with a relatively short shaft to the garment to sit closer to one’s natural shoulders and avoid extratyg as easy to accumulate in the shoulder area. This also gives a narrower armholes with increased mobility so that the garment is not moving up and down as the wearer lifts the arms.