Can You Shower with Jewelry

Can you showering with jewelry

It happens quite often that we Blingit get emails or phone calls from customers who have bathed or showered with jewelry and worry that these jewelry will now be destroyed. The question of man can shower with his jewelry is relevant and something that you should consider the already then you get a new accessory. An important part of successful jewelry care is precisely how to handle situations when showering, bathing or disks. There are materials that really should not be exposed to water and even less for the soap so let’s look a little closer on this topic…

Important crystals

Something that we absolutely must start with that with crystal jewelry. Although the piece is made of a metal that can handle water well so you should definitely not shower or bathe with her crystal ring, crystal earrings or bracelet with beautiful stones. The stones will not be damaged by water, but they are mostly stuck with some sort of adhesive and this adhesive can be relaxed so that the crystals eventually fall off.

So it is important not to confuse a crystal ring with a must own diamond ring from Mustownjewelry that has a completely different structure and layout. Diamonds usually fix using a grip in a crown and then you can expose the jewelry to water. Crystal Jewellery of high quality manufactured so as not to notice the mounts with adhesive and then one can easily believe that the stones are stuck in the same way but that is not the case.

Metals and water

It is of course true that some metals such as steel may rust on exposure to water. In beautiful jewelry creations that can include several different materials. Although the main parts are made of stainless steel so there may be parts that are not. If you then showers with jewelery as it can lead to skin under the jewelery discolored as well as to get rust spots on the jewelery. Metals like silver does not rust, but they can quickly get a darker tone if you often expose them to water.

Last but not least

After showering and soaping themselves so it is easy for a piece of jewelry that is not too tight so hard slide off and this is also a good reason for not showering with jewelry. An earring which unnoticed slips out when you wash your hair is always lost when it takes down the drain, and it’s sad to say the least.

We give you therefore counseled to avoid showering with jewelry in order to thus take care of their design, color and also to ensure that you do not accidentally lose them. Note, however, that does not leave the jewelry that you take off in the bathroom where the humid air can affect metals and lead to discoloration and rust.