By Butterfly Makeup Carnival

A popular trick is to butterfly. For small and large here is how to achieve it quickly.

Carnival is the perfect occasion to dress and makeup as you want and completely transform into other people.

A popular trick, by children but also by adults, is what attracts the butterflies are beautiful animals and are ideal for the Carnival with their iridescent colors and fascinating.

We start by creating the two wings design with a white pencil. Try to be symmetrical giving guidelines and from the center of the nose and going out in small steps.
Take a yellow fat color and start coloring from the center, near the nose and working outward. Changed color rising to ‘orange: proceed until almost the end of the wings and finish using the bright red.
To mix well the three colors and sfumarli properly, use a sponge or brush and dab with continuous movements.
Start with the color red to draw the veins on the wings of the butterfly so as to create as a light transparency. Having used the fat color what we have to do is fix them and to do that we use the talcum powder that we press carefully with a sponge on the entire colored area.

Without this step, to return light to the colors and turn them on better use a shimmer yellow eye shadow for the first part of the wing, even giving that effect typical of iridescent butterflies. Later we move to ‘orange eye shadow, and finally to the red.

I proceed with a black Acquacolor (a color that melts with the ‘water, perfect to go on to fat color), to achieve very thin veins. To do this, use a brush from the tip of very thin and with a light hand I’m going to draw them. Always with the Acquacolor I go outside the wing and create the classic elongated tail at the base according to

Finally with a fat black color design in the middle of my face, over the nose, the body of the butterfly and finally tamponerò with a brush of glitter over this. The glitter will stick without problems thanks to the colored fat. Realizable even on points with wings glietter.

You can not miss this trick in a bright red lipstick that will resume the color of the wings. Have fun and good Carnival!