Breakfast Table

Said the saying: “eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dine like a beggar.” If it’s true or not, I don’t know, but I confess that I can’t feed myself very well at breakfast. The only thing I love to do is prepare a beautiful table and appetizing.

I know, I know, we don’t always have time to arrange a due to rush of our day to day, but today I want to show you some ideas for who likes or needs inspiration to assemble a table well beautiful, even if it’s only on the weekends. Check it out:

The secret here is beautiful and super delicate dishes. This washcloth on the plate also gave a charm in composition, as well as containers of jams, honey and butter.

Nothing like a colorful towel, stamped! I really enjoyed the dish high to place the buns, a great option to get out the well-known “indulgent” and innovate!

The proposal here is more formal, but as beautiful as the others. I loved the idea of putting the jelly in a bowl!

This table is super easy and suitable for day to day! The blue and white dishes look beautiful with this rustic table. These store jars cornflakes and cereals can be left on the table with no problem. Ah yes, the vase of flowers made all the difference!

Cute table, with ups and super simple. This all-white Dinnerware was perfect in this POA towel!

How about preparing a breakfast for your love, the greatest romantic mood? Just a red rose and great care to leave a simple table, just perfect!

This table is for a cottage: I love serving the fruits already duly cut on the plate, is practical and beautiful! Here, the secret was the Organization of the Bureau and the decorative cups. Simple and beautiful!

My tips for a beautiful breakfast table are:

  1. Start picking the towel or the American game and then leave for the dishes and glasses.
  2. Opt for glasses, glasses style, leave the table prettier.
  3. wind chills with your fingers before you serve them, leaves the table much more elegant.
  4. invest in pots and containers to put the marmalade, honey, butter, cottage cheese … makes all the difference on the table, be they plastic dishes or silver.
  5. Don’t always get fresh-baked breads, my tip here is to buy croissants, French bread (integral) in supermarkets, are sold frozen and are ready in a moment.Oh!I’ve been shopping here to house the Bagle multigrãos the brand Wick bold, are delicious in the toaster!
  6. Who receives family back home on the weekends or have enough kid, how about investing in a waffle maker?Just leave the dough in a bowl and each, when you wake up, do your!I love!
  7. Always try to put a small flower vase, home garden, makes all the difference!
  8. For a more complete (and also more “fat”), invest in Pao de queijo (warm) and a simple cake (corn, cornmeal).Put them in high and your table will be beautiful for sure.