Bra Lingerie Designed for Women

When we have the period, we feel depressed, tired and more irritable mood. And when it comes to clothing, that is also reflected in our outfits. When we have menstruation, although we don’t want to do, try to wear more comfortable clothes, above all in terms of bras. If you are tired of having to go depending on the pads, tampons or even vaginal Cup, today Thinx designs come to us for the days of the period.

This American lingerie brand is based on creating designs for the days of menstruation. With these designs – sea thong, panties or shorts – it won’t need to wear pads or tampons, already the tissues of these garments absorb even double that of traditional methods. In addition, neutralize the smell. Their attractive designs make it our ally perfect, ideal for all types of women. Once the garment is used, you need only wash with cold water in a washing delicates programme. It will be as new, ready to be used again.

The garments are priced ranging between 24 and 30 dollars on, and you can buy them in your online store. The success of its philosophy rests on the idea that we can make normal life without being outstanding or fear of a little flow stain our clothes. These pieces of lingerie absorb efficiently the flow and you have to dress them depending on the day of the cycle. For example, If we have little menstrual flow, can wear the thong.

If this wasn’t enough, this small company designed their garments sustainably. The garments are produced women in Sri Lanka of ethical and dignified way, to promote the work of women for women. Its creators are willing to change the way in which live the menstruation. And is that as guarantee, decades ago that not is innovative in the field of feminine hygiene.

Menstruation can be very uncomfortable for us, and with these as comfortable lingerie designs and that they absorb menstrual flow, we can go quiet. That Yes, it is important to know at what stage of the cycle we are, as depending on the amount of flow that we desprendamos have to look one design or another.

Do you think Thinx designs for the days of the period?