Box of Chocolates Reused

What to do with an empty box of chocolates…

Well, aside from complaining that already is not none… (or rejoice that it has vanished the temptation…), we can reuse the box. How?
As with a series of steps can give you a totally different air, which will have nothing to do with what it was. Our idea is to make it look pretty vintage do see how?

First we get rid of all the stickers and labels that have the box, so that it is completely transparent and clean.

We then proceed to paint it with Chalk Paint painting. In this case we have chosen the white color for the background.

Once dry the paint, apply you colourless wax with a sponge in the areas which we later smooth. Why? Well, because then we will paint a darker color, we want those whiter areas to appreciate at the end of the process. You will see how is.

Then give a coat of paint for all (foreign) box, in this case we have chosen a greyish tone, also type Chalk Paint.

Once dry, pass the sandpaper

, in greater or lesser intensity, depending on how we like it.

The areas where the wax has been applied are those that will be clearer.

Wipe a cloth to remove the dust and proceed to apply a few reasons decoupage.

On this occasion we have chosen a few papers with floral motifs, in shades of pink and grey, very much in line with the colors that we have used to paint.

Finally, add a few small knobs (which we have engaged with tail):

-one to put on top, which will serve as a handle to open and close the lid (here we have used one transparent)
-the other 4 are smaller and are located at the bottom of the box, are the legs. We painted them grey so that they integrate better with the key of the box.

We hope that you liked the idea and serve you inspiration for your projects!!

If you have any questions or any comments we will be delighted to give you response.

Sweet greetings!
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