Boho Style Tip!

I think my favorite style is currently the boho, he is gaining space in our daily lives and the wardrobe of a lot of people out there. He is of type: wokeBoho Style Tip! up late, got the first clothes I saw and I’m popping in the boho style, there is some trends as the hippie, ethnic, folk, vintage, punk and the romantic. This merging of styles which makes the productions and stripped two of the main features of boho.

According to pinckarddress, for those who like to Dress comfortably, by choosing clothes stripped clean. The ideal is to merge with other more soltinhas parts fair. Bet on long skirts or blouses. Another item quite characteristic of boho large belts, cardigans and tunics embroidered. The flowery prints, one of the hippie style influences are also suuuuper present. Feet, the adherents of boho must play in sandals, booties snub with legwarmer. The important thing is to do fun combinations. Wavy hair and braids are ideal for anyone who wants to follow the line boho. It is still possible to complement our beautiful hair using tiaras, wreaths or hats. The idea is to get the look as natural as possible.Crochet, brown leather, suede and income are registered trademarks in these looks. As accessories, we have floppy hat, wide belts, long necklaces and colorful, large rings and purses of fringes. Always with a touch of embroidery or beads, feathers and stones.

A mix of Bohemian and hippie influences. This is the boho style. On the catwalks since the year 2005, he never ceases to appear in celebrity looks, especially at music festivals, the Boho style is also a lifestyle. When speaking to a person Boho, we mean someone who leads a life like alternative music, fashion, art, literature. People who value freedom, are creative and optimistic, respect and value the nature, the outdoors. Are more carefree and spiritual ones. Like to travel the world and experience different cultures. I can totally relate! Those who know me know, for me that’s how fashion, more is more and less is a bore.