Blocks Smartwatch Occupies Kickstarter

The modular smartwatch Blocks have now started his Kickstarter collection with a bang.

We have previously talked about Blocks smartwatch concept, a smartwatch which consists of modules which can be combined depending on the items the user wants to focus on, it can be better battery life, NFC payments, SIM cards, and more.

Blocks have now started a Kickstarter collection and is at no time stormed past their target of 250,000 dollars. There are right now 830,000 dollars collected to the Agency which should be enough to bring the project to fruition. Kickstarter campaign runs for a further 33 days and the first watches are expected to be sent off to March next year.

The cheapest way to secure a Blocks smartwatch is by paying 195 dollars (~ 1,270,-EUR) for core module alone. For 260 dollars (approximately 1,700.0-EUR) you will get four blocks which can be added.

Core module contains Bluetooth, WiFi, phone notifications, activity tracker, voice control and 1.5-day battery life.

Control system of Blocks is “latest version of Android” as they write, note that there is no Android Wear, but Phone Edition of Android. The clock will be compatible with iOS and Android 8 4.0 and above.