BlackBerry Smartphone

Although there is not yet an official date of availability and do not know the price, BlackBerry Priv is undoubtedly one of the smartphone that is most intriguing to fans. We speak of course of the small circle of surfers and interested in the world of technology saw that Priv is currently “born and raised” in the pages of websites and blogs from a media point of view. Waiting to see it officially, hoping it is not a product uses only, the company’s CEO has clearly said that on Priv will focus all hopes of the brand.

BlackBerry in order to remain in surplus must sell at least 5 million smartphones per year whereas in the last kamagra quarter it has sold 800,000, Priv should put up the bulk of the success, or failure, of the company.

In a nutshell if BlackBerry Priv fail to make inroads into the hearts of fans by selling a couple of million units, the company could decide to leave the business of smartphones. It would be, if the most pessimistic, a farewell slow and gradual rather than a clean break as marketed products continue to be supported and sold until stock and inquiries, especially in enterprises.

Ultimately Priv could be the Swan Song of BlackBerry although we all hope that it is only a first step towards a new generation of BB Android.