Blackberry Pearl 8110 In Da House

New in my hands…
My personal needs in terms of smartphone can be divided from the principle into four categories. E-mails, contact data, calendar data and task management. If the smartphone synchronizes the e-mails, the contacts, the calendar data and the tasks wirelessly via the “air interface”, I have a winner. 


If the smartphone can still deal with the Blackberry service , there is little more for me. Just before this “problem” has been in the last few days. My Nokia N85has left me, the T-Mobile G1-a friendly loan from the company Cyberport-will leave me also in the next days and also my iPhone has left me with regard to the Palm Pre and the soon appearing, new iPhone. So I needed a new phone with which I can do the tasks permanently well-and here I have returned to the Blackberries.
I already had a Blackberry, but the bottom line was too broad, the keyboard took too much space. And besides, I was not so satisfied with the slow EDGE or GPRS connection . The Blackberry was actually the optimal machine to manage all that I need on a smartphone.However, I had to make a new decision:

The Blackberry Storm has not torn me in the spring of 2009 as it was then a few months ago, the Blackberry Bold or Blackberry Curve2 reminded me of the Blackberry 8310, they were just too big for my needs. Well, and so I came to the Blackberry Pearl. The Blackberry Pearl has been the entry point of RIM in the consumer market and has already been available in the third iteration (8100, 8110 and 8120, each without GPS and W-LAN, with GPS and W-LAN and without GPS but with W-LAN ). And here I am also landed. The Blackberry 8110 offers the benefits of a blackberry in terms of functionality combined with a slim line, a persistent battery and a relatively beautiful shape. Only criticism: No UMTS, only EDGE and GPRS. So I can be satisfied, however, because I also use a smartphone with touchscreen. So I have the best of two worlds. A neat smartphone with Blackberry functionality and hardware keyboard and a touchscreen smartphone with HSPA for the fun in life. The test report for the Blackberry Pearl 8110 follows soon.c