Best Women’s Shoulder Bags

Not yet know the brand Corello? All right, nobody has an obligation to meet all market accessories manufacturers, mainly aimed at women, which are not few. It is estimated more than 500 brands on the market to put on, wear and advise the look of women. The Corello and their shoulder bags is one more in the market.

The brand has no less than 50 years completed in 2016.

Your bags are the basic social style with some touches of fancy and inspiration in designer labels. It is a brand, not a designer, but has its status because it produces quality items and following the trends of the major fashion weeks. If you do not know, it’s worth taking a look to see what’s new.

Corello Bags Models

In the chart of the brand are the models:

Best Women's Shoulder Bags

  1. Handbag– our known handbag leather, with or without handle. The brand produces them, all varnished and finished with gloss or opaque leather depends on the collection it belongs to. The brand models are bad neutral, with very textured leather and pattern of snake leather also present one of the latest trends in women’s accessories market.
  2. Clutch– it looks like a handbag and also a portfolio, being a middle ground between the two. It’s hand but may come with Tanks and it is little, so it forces you to better select what will lead to the ballad. The Corello has beautiful models with fringes to party, just leather for a basic look, colorful and sober as cream, blue, black and beige to match everything. One of the highlights of the brand is the plisada clutch black, ready for any party.
  3. Shopping bag– many call max bag, but the name given by the brand is more stylish, no? They are more spacious models to take everything you buy on the street inside smoothly. It’s like “fits all with room left over”. Newer models are fringed in gold and silver color, pure luxury. There are still the traditional washes in discreet leather to use for everything.
  4. Shoulder bag– known shoulder or side pocket bag. It is one of the coolest models in the market and one of the most sold of whatever brand, especially because it is versatile. Some people use day and night and the more models better. This line is permanently renewing some colors and designs timeless but some are therefore manufactured each year.
  5. Tow– this model has won several versions, both with this manufacturer as with competitors, as a postman with strap passing through the body. The original shoulder strap is just side but with long handle, with combinations of colors, leopard prints and shiny in Corello. The latest are with strips in style country girl.


Buy Corello Bags

The brand has own website which is also a webstore, the

Another option is via telesales by phone (11) 3120-8095, with home delivery in both payment formats and variable freight according to purchase: the higher the volume of the order, less shipping.

If it is not an independent store, where the seller buy to resell, there Corello bag in the original multi – brand stores and market. This is important information if you want to join the items of the manufacturer and make sure you’re taking a product of the brand quality.


It is not a designer, but also not part of the list of cheap handbags brands. Items are priced from R$400 to R$800, some even more expensive when special models. It is a brand say luxury, love among famous in Brazil and is in many magazine tutorials as look makeup tips.