Best Clothing for Breastfeeding

What is the best way to get dressed if you breast feeding? Here are some tips and a gallery with lovely comfy dresses

Breastfeeding one doubts that among new mothers is how to dress.

You should wear comfortable clothes, which could accommodate us when we need to breastfeed even though we are away from home.


Breastfeeding. Driving up to the two years of the child

We can certainly use some normal clothes, but we must always bear in mind the usefulness of wearing a t shirt that allows, for example, to see only the flap near breast not to discover the whole belly.

Breastfeeding, many mothers give up for fear of making mistakes

It is also good to buy clothes made of natural fibers (maybe in organic cotton) since you will be in close contact with the child, and no buttons that besides being uncomfortable because you must be buttoned and unbuttoned, can come off and pose a danger to the baby.

And so are perfect the tshirt by Milkshirt (WATCH) or the jerseys from nursing My Tummy (SEE).

For a special occasion and for being always feminine here are the beautiful things-one, that can be worn both during pregnancy and during lactation (SEE).

Finally here are some pyjamas and Nightgowns for breastfeeding, with an eye to femininity (SEE).