Best Beauty Application

If you’ve created a dependency from your smart phone, from now on, with the appropriate APP BEAUTY, you can not help it.

Made for the most pretentious beauty addicted, that the phone also leave the burden to plan and book their own the beautician appointments, and for those who like to just have fun imagining how it would be fun with more and different look.
the users of the apps people is vast as the variety of solutions it offers, all just a click away!


With this app you can pick uploading your photo or seeing the effects applied directly in 3D. You can try and choose from a combination of mascara, foundation, blush, eye shadows several until you find the perfect combination for you and buy products tested directly from the application.All this saves time, but without sacrificing shopping.

Per Android e iPhone, completamente download free.


Among the most innovative app: you will not even need to upload a photo, L’Oreal Paris has created a virtual make-up simulator in augmented reality. Using the front camera of the smart phone, the application scans of 64 points on the face, the image will therefore not be static, but alive, real, testing every look from different angles. The smart phone will be turned into a mirror in which you can contemplate the look created for you by L’Oreal make up artist and experience all the products in the different nuances, of course for free.

Available for Android , iPhone and completely free.


Love the make up, but you’re not proficient with tricks of the trade?

No problem: eyes make-up in 2016 is the app through images step by step, it explains how to make the most common techniques of make-up with simple tutorials.

Not only explanations, but also tips for enhancing your eyes according to their shape, color and occasion of use.

Per Android, download free.

Do not buy a product if you have not first ensuring the validity of their incidence in green dot?

Biotiful contains an archive with 10,000 products loaded that allows you to instantly check the list of ingredients and their function. To examine the list you must not even write the name of the item you wish to buy the app has a Biolettore that allows you to take pictures from the phone and then the product selected will be recognized attravero a barcode.

For Android and  iPhone , free.


You have so many products in the beauty not even remember which ones?

Stash is the database you need, a real reminder that in addition to recording mascara, lipstick, blush etc stores information as and when an item is purchased, what is charged and if you anticipate is going to end. And there’s more: it allows you to buy through the app on retailers like Sephora, etc and possesses a range of about 30 journals not to miss any review of each product.

Only for iPhone you find available for a fee.


This app allows you to browse for free on smartphones and tablets, filtering through research by location spa, hairdresser or beautician nearest among 16,500 available across Europe. Besides location it allows you to filter the type of service and the price range and promotions in place in addition to allowing you to book directly with a click.

Available for Android and iPhone and download free.


More than just an app nearly photoshop: allows you to edit photos without any technical knowledge of photo editing.

Through a Perfect 365 algorithm creates a map of the different parts of the face eliminating dark circles, blemishes, whitens teeth, it lifts the cheekbones and increases the intensity of the gaze.

Per i selfie addicted!

The are both Android and for iPhone and it is absolutely free (due to dependence on !!)


If you love spending with an eye always turned to savings and economic balance this app is the right solution to give in to a shopping weighted.

It provides you with a list of expensive products with other low-cost.

The search list is still a bit ‘thin, but once completed will be the ally of every woman (and his wallet).

Only available for iPhone at a price of 2.99 euro .


The dream of every woman: look perfect! This app enhances the overall look of your photos, illuminating the complexion of your skin, removing blemishes, refines skin texture, magnifies the eyes and intensifies the depth, finally tapering shape.

Also if you want to be the sole protagonist of your images, removes any unwanted object from the background.

Both Android and for iPhone is completely free.