Best Bag for Your Body Type

Handbags are the passion of women. They are not just an object that serves to carry other objects, they also represent the style of the person. And nothing better than using it correctly, with the model that best fits with your biotype. Here you will find the tips not to err and destroy with your purse!

Best Bag for Your Body Type


With this physical type, ideally avoid bags with long handles, as they shorten the silhouette and are not proportional to the body. In this case, baglib recommends small and medium-sized bags.


Unlike the short, high large handbags and should avoid the use of small bags, because they leave a look disproportionate.

Few Curves

For women who have the body structure with few curves it is ideal to use bags and unstructured style, because this type of bag creates the illusion of curves.


In this case choose well structured handbags, because they create the feeling of having elongated the silhouette. Do not use many small handbags, because they cause the opposite effect.

With very breast

A tip for those who have a lot of breast is the stylish handbags wallet, that are loaded in the hand, or those that you remain at the same height of the hip. The trick is not to put volume in the breast region.

With very hip

If you have this biotype, use and abuse of the scholarships that are under the arm, this strategic position balances the silhouette.

And then what bag combines more?

Always be mindful of the proportions and your size, because shorties and high can use the same model of bag. Place the bag and look in the mirror, there’s nothing better than that to see if the purse was legal or not.

To your bag must meet their daily needs, in case you need to take a lot of stuff the bag cannot be small, because it will be packed and pass the feeling that you’re disorganized.