Benefits of Outdoor Games

Whenever you give, I try to take the kids to play outside. I confess that it’s easier to Just, it’s super-tight, Leo, if already let, will prefer to be playing indoors or watching TV (which I’m not too fond of).

But why is it that I want so much that the kids play outdoors? Plus I think it’s much more fun to stay holed up at home (I think that child has to Yes run, get dirty and even take some beautiful falls, as long as you don’t hurt yourself seriously), play free brings a lot of other benefits, super important to social development, and to the child’s physical. Want to see?

Is outdoors (on time safe and protective, of course) that for the synthesis of vitamin D, essential for thedevelopment of bones. And you know that famous: the hormone serotonin, which regulates sleep and mood? Its production is best when the child is in contact with nature. Another hormone, endorphins, which increases the feeling of well-being, comfort and joy, too, has its high levels in this free contact.

And the list of good things don’t stop there. These games tend to require more physical effort, preventingchildhood obesity and taking the child to stay away from sedentary (a true villain of new generation).

As in many of these games everything is more “improvised”, the small will not have control over everything, that will be very good, because they tend to be more creative and independent, that is, your child will have more autonomy to tackle problems and find solutions and improve the self-esteem.

And finally (and perhaps most importantly) is the social conviviality among friends and family. Even the shyest kids slowly come apart during the games.

Only that, for all this to work we need an incentive from parents. The trick is to prepare options cool jokes (separated some of them below and you may suggest other too) and have your child see this as something fun (which actually is). And a surefire suggestion is going to play along. No child who resist (greater incentive. Try it!).

And before you gather the whole family and get out there, don’t forget to put some clothes on your child, please bring water or juice to ensure hydration and pass sunblock according to age group, in addition to avoiding the Sun of 10:00 at 4:00 pm, right?!

Suggestions for games and toys to have fun away from home:

-Canvas with water and SOAP (even an adult having fun). Place a large piece of plastic more blunt on the ground and scatter soapy water. The idea is that the children slide, roll and have fun on it. For the joke to be safer is best to put the plastic in an area with grass, okay?

-Ball in the basket. A gift basket in a place a little high and distribute ball for children hit him. And as ball is a fun can enjoy and do other games how to form a circle and kick, roll it to each other or to assemble two teams of burned (the choice depends on the age, so nobody gets hurt).

-Interactive Toys. On the day of outdoor play enjoy to take spinning tops, marbles, elastic, kites, rope, skateboards and bicycles.

-If you do not have toy, no problem, advised by INTERNETIEST. Tag, hide-and-seek, ciranda, hopscotch or drawings on earth are options for when there’s no time to go home and get something before going to the Park.