BeKnown: a LinkedIn Inside Facebook

The LinkedIn is the largest social network professional world. And Facebook, with it sinexact 750 million users, is the largest social network. To compete with LinkedIn, the Monster (traditional online recruitment company) decided to appeal to the Facebook and developed something that can be considered a social network within the social network. BeKnown is the name of the new service.

According to Monster, BeKnown is an application to establish your professional network without having to leave Facebook. As more people spend more time online on social network Mark Zuckerberg, allow these people manage your network professional seems to be a very assertive attempt to win market .

The application is free and is available in Portuguese, and other 18 languages. Visit here. As with any integrated application Facebook, the user must confirm the privileges that BeKnown will have on your data published on the social network. Then the service loads a screen that makes it clear as it is a social network within another.

One of the tools integrated into BeKnown allows you to import user data in your account LinkedIn. With one click, information on my current job and earlier were automatically copied copied from the professional social network to the application without any headache. The BeKnown also allows you to import Internet users curriculum registered at the site Monster.

Recommend employment opportunities for friends on Facebook is one of the features that seem to be more interesting on BeKnown. Are you happy in your job, but coming up with one that is just perfect for that long time friend? BeKnown promises to facilitate this approach between a potential candidate and the employer in search of a new professional.

My biggest fear regarding BeKnown is that the timeline (call it that) of Facebook becomes excessively polluted with information on professional activities.

And you, sees the BeKnown with good eyes? Review and join the discussion.