Behind the Netflix: 1 Million Movies, 10 Million Files, 120 Video Formats

This week Netflix released a little of how the company manages the entire chain of digital data. Who do you think is only receive one movie studios file and distribute it on servers around the world will be a little supreso. To serve customers, Netflix needs to create 120 different formats for each video receives.

This amount of formats is due to the wide variety of devices considered ready for Netflix: more than 900. While some may exhibit a certain video resolution to a specific bitrate, others may not have as much capacity. That’s why a file is created for iPhone 4S, for example, and another to touch a Galaxy Tab: different resolutions for different devices.

The video below, posted on the official blog of Netflix (without audio), shows more details of how a title is purchased and made ​​available in the service.

The video also shares some interesting statistics on Netflix: it already has over 1 million movies and videos (which should account for the DVDs that the company still sends to customers in the US), 10 million files, 100 million different encodings made, metadata in their terabytes and data storage in their Petabytes. Definitely no small thing.