Before and After A Bedroom

You know how much that we like the before and after in decoration, but in this case, it of a project of a bedroom that no part of a ” before ” disastrous, but rather wasted or with less charm that have managed to squeeze all the party through several crucial changes. Let’s see them!

This room, located in an apartment near Amsterdam, started from a base problem: sloping roofs of 3 metres at its highest point almost up to the floor in the other, for what decoration and style of this space was a bit complicated.

In this way, we have a space that is even too high on the one hand, (the one with the bed) to another too narrow at the other end; so the initial room was very unbalanced.

In the earlier, as I said, we have a bedroom that is apparently “normal”: with a wall headboard with wallpaper, a beautiful Chair type Nordic in green water and furniture simple and functional. Perhaps something more risky is the pattern of pictures of the mattress support, but in any case, it would have been easy to replace with another at any given time.

However, the effect you were looking for the person who lived here was to create a bright, warm and inviting bedroom. According to the designer, the owner wanted it to be simple and undemanding, but with subtle touches of color and contrast. Thus, arose this brainstorm of inspiration with textures and warm materials:

Resources (a palette of pastel colours and very fine and elegant decorative elements) were perfectly integrated in our bedroom initial, resulting in this one:

Without a doubt, removing wallpaper wall has been key. In addition to distract too much in view, according to the architect of the Project Designer, it remained light to all. Therefore, he opted for a very neutral but warm grey shade on walls in contrast with another gray. As the curvature of the wall complicated the use of curtains, they used a panel of very fine linen.

In this space, the simplicity was key. The client had a preference for minimalism, so the design had to be very careful, simple lines and great texture to soften the room (using natural materials such as linen, wool, cotton, wood, ceramics… in different shades and structures).

Here is another look at ” before ” that shows the door of the room from the corridor and the curvature of the ceiling is observed.

To accentuate the height but capture attention at the level of the eyes, they have placed two pendant lamps on each side of the bed with a black wire and a bulb of Opal in the end that does not dazzle the eyes and provides a soft light for night reading-.

Black strings take the eye natural linen that cannot be more beautiful clothes.

Here is a “before” view from the other end of the bedroom, where the ceiling is curved very low, leaving little room for furniture. They replaced the comfortable dark grey for something more subtle, still offering plenty of storage space (the main Cabinet of the couple is in the study of aside) for extra blankets, pajamas and other items.

What did you think of this change? To me I been impressed by much, perhaps it is easier to see the power of decoration when the it is outdated or stale, but when we assume a “normal” bedroom, costs more to think about this kind of turns of nut getting to squeeze 100% spaces, do not you think?

Thanks for reading us! We return on Wednesday with more inspiration!