Beauty Care: Please Remove Makeup!

The right cleansing of the face is the best thing to look beautiful and young for a long time and not to burden the skin with makeup remnants. Conclusion with the bad conscience:cleaning is a child’s play and can be installed as a ritual in the day’s work.

It is important for the cleaning and care to carry out the appropriate application depending on the skin type. Oily skin has different needs than a very dry skin for example. In addition to make-up and cream residues, sebum and skin particles, dirt particles are deposited from the air or over our hands on the face. The pores can become clogged, impurities appear and cause small inflammations. Nutrients and essences from creams and serums are best absorbed through the skin when it has been cleaned beforehand. To be recommended is therefore a short and in the evening a more extensive cleaning of the face, neck and décolleté.

That’s how it works:

Remove the eye make-up

It is best to remove eyeshadow and mascara with a cotton pad.Pay attention to lint-free cotton, otherwise small lint will stick in the eyelash wreath and come into the eye.There are special lotions for the eye makeup at, which remove according to the water soluble or also water resistant products.A fat cream or oils are unsuitable, which can lead them to the thin skin on the eye and around irritations.The cotton pad only slightly above the eyes with movements from outside to inside (equal to the tear flow direction).Remove any remaining residue with another fresh pad.

Clean the face

Depending on the type of skin, a product should be selected that meets the needs of the skin and does not damage it.pH-neutral and re-greasing cleansing milk, foam or -lubricants are particularly suitable for dry skin; for oily skin the best is a product that reduces sebum production, matting and no greasy film on the skin.For normal skin, a normal cleansing milk or lotion can be used.

The cleansing product is applied to the face, allowed to act briefly, if necessary foam with a little water and finally rinse with warm water.Remains can be removed with a cotton pad.The facial skin should be gentle, refreshed and relaxed after cleaning.A different product should be used for tension or redness.In addition, the skin should not be over-washed or dead washed.The right measure is the top priority.


As required, a peeling can be applied once or twice a week. Skin deposits and deposits are removed, the blood flow and a healthy complexion promotes. The skin is softened by a peeling softening and smooth. A peeling product should be chosen especially for the face, since otherwise the abrasive particles are too coarse and can scratch or injure the fine skin. Apply the exfoliation to the wet face or mix with a little water, massage the face with gentle movements and rinse with copious warm water. In the evening is the best time for this beauty extra: the skin after the peeling is sensitive to light and should not be exposed to strong sunlight.A rich mask or cream then supplies the absorbent facial pores optimally.