Bear Loop Comes Back

On the catwalks of the world, there was a real comeback in the recent past. Again, many fashion designers send their male models with bow on the catwalk.

The loop is the alternative to the tie and worn with the shirt. A loop is about 20 cm to a bound up to 100 cm long fabric tape that adorns the carrier with two loops and two ends. Its synonym is “Butterfly wings”, where it is called sometimes fly in the vernacular.

Loop is popularly also fly

What does the loop for benefits? (N) striking! A loop underlines their own broadcast. Men who carry loop on festivities, go to tie makers deliberately in the numerical minority and radiate this strength and confidence. Also, wearing a loop is also a statement and a commitment to the laws of the “old school”.

On every occasion the right loop

But whatever the occasion and in which combination is man which loop? When asked in the invitation to the “White Tie” dress code, that means for the evening wear of the gentleman: White tie, Cufflinks, Pocket Watch and tails loop. This of course white is the color of the loop. The appropriate wardrobe for the attendant is a long (!) Evening dress with cleavage, coat, shawls, jewelry and elaborate hairstyle. For the perfect outfit of the Lady, her shoes should have only a narrow heel.

The dress code, however, is “Black Tie” or tuxedo, that requires wearing a tuxedo for the gentleman. Typical occasions for this are weddings, exhibitions and other social celebrations. The evening wear of the gentleman consists of a tuxedo with festive shirt. As a loop, the satin ribbon is a must. It is black or Bordeaux at best. For gentleman wearing the clothes of the woman on the side of the loop: Silk suit or a dress (analogue the “little black”), jewelry, and a festive make-up. The shoes should be high, narrow heels.

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