Beads – Impressive Natural Products from the Depths of the Sea

Pearls fascinate people since time immemorial – earlier every one of them had to be found tedious in mussels, today is the opportunity to help the formation of pearls artificially on the jumps.

The gorgeous pearls is their characteristic shimmer, which is referred to as a chandelier, Oriental, or Irisieren . A Pearl forms inside a shell (sometimes a snail) by gradually concentric layers of nacre deposited around a foreign body. These numerous arrangements create this enchanting play of colours, because the light falling on them is reflected in many cases and in the color spectrum of the Rainbow in the eye of the beholder.
A long time ago it is a custom that a bride wears at their marriage beads, which is why many fathers or future husbands chose pearl jewelry as a gift to the wedding. In the following, you get an insight into this rich tradition, whose oldest Zeugnisse are legends from distant lands.

Pearl wedding – the ancient Indian culture in the middle ages

With a classic white wedding dress, pearls blend wonderfully with their restrained colour cast. Already centuries before white dresses were worn to the ceremony was the connection of beads with wedding customs.
According to ancient Indian legend, the god Krishna should have gotten for his daughter Pandaia gorgeous beads from the depths of the sea, so that she could decorate with them to the wedding.
A similar tradition existed however in ancient Greece and lived on even at the time of the Roman Empire. In the Greek legends it is the goddess of love, Aphrodite, was born from the sea – so it’s no wonder that pearls were selected to their attribute and enjoyed as Bridal jewelry of popular. It’s not surprising that the Greek word for Pearl, margarita, in Roman culture called the mistress.
Even in the dark middle ages, in which numerous customs and habits of the ancient world were forgotten, beads retained their special status. It was the time when man moved out to crusades in Oriental countries. Especially in the Persian Gulf, beads were found, which is why many warriors presented their loved ones when they return home with these treasures so that they could decorate at your wedding so.

Extraordinarily beautiful beads as Bridal jewelry of Queens and nobles

If a bead formed in a shell, it is a special feature – which means that it was a very complicated company until the invention of cultured pearls, pearls to find. It was reserved an absolute luxury product, the nobility and Kings, who highly appreciated their wonderful shimmer.
It was common in upscale districts to give pearls to the wedding and now you know of outstanding beautiful copies, which were used as Bridal jewelry. So the Hanoverian beads adorned in the year 1533 Catherina de’ Medici on the occasion of her marriage with the future French King Henry II. This jewelry includes six expansive bead necklaces, as well as 25 very large loose copies. Later, Queen Elizabeth I of England came into the possession of the Hanoverian pearls that are now part of the English Crown jewels .
A famous example of such that have no round, but a form of drop of, are the so-called Mancini pearls carried Maria de Medici in 1600 at her wedding in Florence with the French King Henry IV. as earrings. Each of the two beads has a weight of approx. 50 carats (10 g) and forms the lower end of a diamond of occupied ear plug arranged in quatrefoil form with.

Most recently, the La Peregrina Pearl made headlines when she was auctioned from the estate of Elizabeth Taylor for the princely sum of 11,84 million US dollars. It is her a 50,6-karätige bead in a very smooth Teardrop shape. In the year 1556 she Mary Tudor had adorned on the Royal Wedding with Philipp II. of Spain.
Not to be confused is the La Peregrina with other famous Pearl, which has a very similar name: the La Pelegrina Pearl. Once, this 33.3 Carat heavy Teardrop Pearl served as Bridal jewelry and that at any lower wedding as those of the French King Louis XIV., which should go down as Sun King in the history, and Maria Theresia of Austria in 1660.
Also the jewellery, the Eugenie de Montijo, the bride by Napoleon III. in 1853 to her wedding wearing, was over and decorated with beads. The core of this suite is a DIAdem that extra for them by the French jeweller Gabriel Lemonnier Napoleon III had made. Total 212 pearls with a total weight of over 800 carats and 1,998 small brilliant-cut diamonds form the curved ornaments of the tiara, the capping is formed by a large teardrop-shaped Pearl.
The bridal jewelry was supplemented by Eugenie by a sprawling six-row Pearl necklace, Pearl bracelets and an example bodice with the so-called Pearl of Napoleon – her name stems from the fact that it was purchased in 1811 by Napoleon.

Beads – nowadays not only the Kings are subject

The custom to wear pearls to the wedding, to extend the middle-class began in the nineteenth century. This was especially a shape of jewellery in fashion, where ornate floral ornaments are made from multiple tiny beads. The advantage of this small beads is that they are much more affordable.
A major turning point in the history of pearls is to locate the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, when the Japanese Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded as one of the first artificially to help the formation of the coveted treasures on the jumps. Cultured pearls are natural pearls in nothing in their quality, came in large quantities on the market, and more and more people could afford this luxury.
Meanwhile diamonds hold largely the importance, who once came to the beads; but that does not mean that there is not still lovers of beautiful natural products.

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