Bathroom Design Inspirations

The bathroom design is characterized by a minimalist style that, usually, put on two colors and furniture to the strict lines. Association of black and white with chicissimes materials, the bathroom design imposes its timeless style. Demonstration with our most beautiful inspirations!

A bathroom design to the intimate atmosphere

In this bathroom design, these are the black and white which give rhythm to the piece.Sometimes black, sometimes white or even sometimes mixed, it’s a real set of colors that are revealed. The wash stand designed by Interior architect Glenn Médioni differs from other components, bringing a gross through wood who dresses her. Minimalist in its decoration, the yellow cosmetic bottles arranged on the furniture of the bathroom design in black and white bring a splash of color.

A bathroom design black and white

This bathroom playing card design in succinctly retro minimalism of its furniture washbasin.Its round and black mirrors come wake up his total white look. Design mirrors suspended by two straps, one detail fully trend that brings originality to the whole.

A bathroom design elegant

In this bathroom design refined, it is a real game of material that takes place. The wall of mirrors reflects natural light and considerably enlarges the space, yet very cozy atmosphere.The tub design and refined contrast with the furniture and the wooden dressing that adds to the intimate side of this bathroom yet open room. All these elements complement each other to give a timeless look to this contemporary bathroom.

A chic bathroom design

This bathroom has all understood the rules of design lines are straight, corner bath tub space.The rigor of its lines for the bathroom key equipment contrast clearly with the charm round of the suspension, whose presence invites a resolutely chic note to all.

A bathroom design in the Dim light

The intimate atmosphere of this little traditional colors for a bathroom bathroom design is accentuated by the play of light created by the blinds. Their structure merges with the steel tubes that replace the shower wall, and the Dim light of filament bulbs. Behind the steel tubes, tiles lime green reveals a walk-in shower is discreet, but that fits perfectly within the room.

A bathroom design to the strains of the past

Very spacious, this bathroom design painted entirely in beige mix styles with a contemporary bathtub in resin (Leroy Merlin) overlooked a large old family Golden mirror. Decorated with ease, the contemporary bathroom leaves room for some fantasies as the trash in cotton cloth coated peas (the icing on the cake). Pleasant to live, not simply that of the essential, the room is warm and modern.

A bathroom design in softened industrial mind

In this bathroom design black and white, the architect Florence Baudoux has softened the austerity of materials and shapes by playing on the color and lighting. The rigour of stainless steel and marble is a soft and silky replica in the Matt lacquers to the pastel tones of the cabinets in front of which sits a red Chair reported from New York. Embedded in the ceiling spots broadcast indirect light, supported by slightly pink neon tubes fixed on each side of the mirror. The traffic plan brings air and space to exhibit, distributed in areas where live together the essential functions.

A bathroom design designed in length

Authentic while contemporary, this bathroom design designed in no ordinary length for a bathroom was completely covered with slate. To not darken the space, the architect who took care of this villa in the South of Corsica has raised the roof. Slightly sloping, it offers a skylight to the small room lit to a window that lets the light of day.

A bathroom design minimalist black and white

White walls, slate tiles (Raboni) and sleek: here, the architect Valérie Mazérat chose to play the contemporary map. A design bathroom with a sink embedded in a long shot to the brackets invisible and upholstered in Slate on its façade to give the impression of thickness.Above, 3 closets cubes are hung on the wall following the same principle. They contain electrical accessories permanently connected (dryer, electric toothbrush,…). The open showeron space was entirely upholstered slate, to better blend in space.

Bath ultra modern high-tech trend

Grey walls dark, the beams painted in black and a concrete floor serve as backdrop to this huge bathroom design. We placed a high-tech equipment and furniture stylized, evidenced by the presence of a large piece of furniture to record all dressed in black and a free-standing bath in stainless steel, in the middle of the room. Simple and original, long tap which feeds it is chrome steel, while both suspensions overlooking all diffuse a metal light highlight the very industrial atmosphere of this bathroom.

A bathroom design original in a glass tube

Installed in an industrial neighborhood of London, the architect John Young has built it smodern bathroom and original on the roof of his apartment. To withstand bad weather and light, he used a tube of glass tiles secured by stainless steel tensors. Generously illuminated, it is equipped with elements from several countries and horizons: a Swedish bidet, sinks of surgery American stainless, a bath in Cedar imported from Japan, a mixer, an Apple and a curtain purchased in England, a laboratory faucet from from Denmark and a stool wooden from the Portugal. No apparent radiator, but a heated floor and a pipe to filter. To find intimacy, interior blinds have been motorized. By mixing all these elements, John Young, created a temple of relaxation where styles meet in the open air.