Baptism in the Sea of Galilee

The «baptism» are the most successful programmes of the diving schools, not only nationally, but also worldwide. The experience is unforgettable and appeals to all adventurers. And, in this case, there are no limits. In recent years, Portugal entered the world diving map. According to a piece of news in the public newspaper, the number of divers shot in these three decades. The points of interest in the Portuguese ocean are numerous, since Navy ships sunk, the ships and a fauna of infinite wealth. In Portugal it is estimated that there are 50 1000 divers.

Generally, the diving schools have classes for all types of practitioners, from the inexperienced to people who are interested in advanced courses. The benefits of diving are numerous, providing a sense of freedom and lightness of movement.

Without doubt, the experience at sea is the most amazing and breathtaking thing. However, it is almost certain that the diving schools teachers will opt for a training and initial baptism in a pool, for the student to be prepared for the next level: the ocean.

Diving Schools Teach the First Class in the Pool, Preparing the Output to the Sea

People who opt for abaptism in pool and sea have the benefits of the theoretical and practical classes in a single location. For example, there are diving schools that stay in sea areas, precisely in order to provide their students the possibility of not having additional missions. In the area of serra da Arrábida there are courses that include baptisms of diving in the pool and outputs for beautiful landscape of Portinho da Arrábida.

The pools are equipped to prepare for divers for the day when they will enter the ocean. On average there are four meters deep. The water is salty and the advantage is that this is heated. As for the equipment is of the diving schoolsall you need to prepare is towel and suit or bathing suit.

The baptism in a pool is the starting point to delve into the depths of the Atlantic coast

This enriching experience can be practiced by any individual. The minimum age for baptisms is 10 years  old and the session of the discovery of the riches of the ocean lasts about 4 hours on the diving schools.

Teachers of these institutions are specialists in this field and the schools provide the necessary equipment so that the diving experience is enjoyable, safe and unique. It is the first step to participants who want to repeat the experience. The dive schools provide a panoply of services related to water sports and the baptisms or other activity of discovery of life in the depths of the water. Any option will attract you. In these spaces teachers of diving schools will be monitoring you when you need to get in the water with maximum security.

Aquatic courses are the best choice for the person who is in love with the sea and nature discovery.

At the Portinho da Arrábida, you will find diving schools certified and adapted to teach the two experiences of baptism: in swimming pool and in the sea.

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