Bandage Skirt: How to Use And Match

The bandage skirt is very fashionable and can be used on several occasions when coupled with the right pieces.  Come and get some tips on how to wear and match your bandage skirt.

The bandage skirts are quite trend at the moment. This type of skirt that sticks on the body can be seen everywhere. From classic black styles to the most flashy with neon colors, these skirts are flexible enough for all occasions. This piece of clothing first appeared during the 60’s and portrayed a very sexy and confident image of a woman. Although these skirts were usually worn at night during the holidays, they are quite versatile.

Comfortable and Casual Look
For a more laid back look, just pair your skirt with something casual. From your favorite graphic tee, a long, flowing loose top, or even combat boots, the contrast of carefully dressed and relaxed dress can really complement each other. Choose a comfortable chic set, which consists of a white and wide top, shallow flats, a leather jacket and sunglasses. Want a more careful look? Choose a slightly fluid top.Another suggestion is to wear skirts with really striking colors or interesting patterns to stand out. This look is very easy to do, just play some accessories, maybe a hat and you will be ready.

Look Out at Night
For a tidier and sexy for the night, choose more appropriate tops and formaís, dark leggings and high heels. Adding a jacket or jewelry cover yourself will also give your outfit a nice touch. The tip here is not to exaggerate in sensuality. The skirt already bestows the sexy element, so remember to keep the rest of your look elegant and sophisticated.

Look for the job
Surely you never thought of wearing a mini skirt tight at the office. But yes, you can actually wear this type of skirt and make it suitable for the office. The key here is to keep the look clean and stylish. Wear this skirt with a white shirt, simple black pumps and maybe some pearls and you’re ready for office. Just remember to choose cuts and classic colors. That means no matter how much you love your neon green bandage skirt, this piece should be saved for a different occasion, not at work. An additional tip: if you find your skirt too short, conjugate it with solid colors, black leggings and no crazy prints.