Ballerinas: Because Opinions Differ

Women love them hot and intimately, men can they not well suffer but woman feet-ballerinas! This summer, the flat and comfortable treads are again fully in line with the trend.

Why do men like actually no ballerinas? The question is easy to answer: they embody just not enough femininity. A woman in high heels has not only infinitely long sexy legs, bringing also her whole body while walking to the swing. And that’s what men like. In ballerinas from Harvardshoes, so a man once said Gallant little women a bit like ducks waddle. In high heels, they act, however, like Queens. So much for the theory: men consider women not only from their appearance.

All women who are now perhaps a bit insecure, should only once for a moment imagine how it is on a hot summer day with high heels through the city to run. It’s hot, shoes press because the feet are swollen and you always still graceful can walk in high shoes, because only then pull the looks of men. This would simply take off the heels might much prefer, throw it in the nearest bin and just barefoot continue to run. Or of just ballerinas have, these comfortable shoes that exist in so many great colors with Ruffles and bows, dots and stripes.

In this case, it is clearly better to think once to itself and not to the Lords of creation, which must carry yes no high hoes!