Bags Trends Spring

In keeping with the Fashion Week in Berlin, we are also currently with trends and all the new bags that are popular in the future. Here are our Top 5 come for the spring / summer season 2016:

Trend # 1: Black and White

The colors black and white are an important issue in this spring. Whether worn in combination, as a single-colored outfit or other trendy shades such as an outfit in pastel colors, pockets in the two classic colors look elegant. Therefore, we find the look back even with the latest collections of fashion brands Guess, Liebeskind and Fritzi aus Prussia. A special place is the Greyson of Guess in the black and white combination. This one takes a hundred percent the eyes of others to themselves.

Trend number 2: Vintage Backpacks

They are becoming more and are not already an integral part of the streetscape: Vintage backpack. The practical everyday companions are the must-have accessory par excellence in, 2016. Vintage backpack is the way that the backpack is reminiscent of days gone by. What counts here is less the sporty look or function, but the overall picture. Whether in reduced design, Nordic look, special retro design or special materials used look – a vintage backpack is something special. In different colors and materials they beautify the cityscape, jazz up outfits and give the wearer always a casual retro touch. We love backpacks, because they are just so wonderfully uncomplicated and casual. They also provide plenty of storage space. Our favorites are the Italian brand backpacks Campomaggi  or Sandqvist, the trendsetters from

Trend number 3: nude and pastel shades

Styles in nude and pastel shades, it may be in spring 2016! Refreshing bags of Suri Frey in beige and rosé we can recommend here. Suri Frey is actually still an insider tip among the bag brands, because the designer has just brought its first handbag collection on the market. So do not forget this! In addition to wonderful handbags can also be a cool hipster backpack in the collection, see, so something for everyone is. Whether worn with a casual outfit or Jean already for the first vernal dress, pastel shades can be combined great.

Trend number 4: pouch pockets

Not only the color of the bag is in the spring decisively, even the shape. And the top pocket form 2016 of the bag – – also called Bucket Bag be. The bags in rounded shape are convenient because they offer plenty of space for all the things that the woman takes along daily. In addition, the purse look extremely relaxed. Characteristic of the pouch pockets, as here, the Texas Women’s bag by Picard, the Zugbandverschluss who somehow reminiscent of the good old gym bag. And how could it be otherwise: as backpack there this year the pouch pockets look. The first bag backpack copies of Jost have already arrived with us, are currently still in our photo studio and in the next few days online in Taschenkaufhaus available.

Trend number 5: ethnic look

Last but not least, another important trend this season: Bags in ethno look. In the ethno look collide colors, shapes and patterns of different cultures and so give a very special design. The absolute hit are fringe reminiscent of Indian cultures and are simply stylish. The Fringe trim is found in abundance in the collection of Liebeskind Berlin.

For Billy The Kid, we are reminded with wonderful bags in three-dimensionally structured design of patterns from the Orient. These exceptional models a bit folkloric charm comes in the otherwise modern life.

My personal favorite topic this year are way backpacks. Whether in vintage look or bag backpack with Zugbandverschluss, any variants like me and stand on my, have-want-list ‘at the top. And maybe also joined another cool Frans bag to who knows…

Do you already know which trend you like best for the spring of 2016?