Bags For All Skins

It is cold, very cold. But no wonder we arrived in December, Christmas is just around the corner and there it is a Yes, that the temperatures often have difficulties to cross the freezing point, but which is also nice. Because finally you can repeat his Sheepskin boots out of the closet, try out the new scarf or but run his new art fur coat. It is of course only if the correspondifng temperatures. Now the question is legitimate, what has to do with bags? Also bags have a right to hide, as long as it’s synthetic fur that is indeed legitimate and that’s why I want to highlight today closer this trend and dedicate this article the wonderful fake fur bags, which present us the designers this season.
These bags must not be worn with a fur jacket, for man as a Yeti coming along, but specifically as a eye catcher make used not here yes she wants what most definitely and thoughts cause us all these typical Musthave, especially we women know all too well.
Of course, we have these coveted items in the shop and I now just wants to introduce that, because as the tastes are different, they are also the designs of the different brands, so the right piece it will be certainly to anyone.

Tamaris makes the beginning with a very beautiful and also very cuddly tote bag in brown, according to
Also by Tamaris is a super practical Crossover bag Amy, whose fur coat is criss-crossed by leather straps, and thus gets a very special look.
Continue through the up with Miss Sixty, cheeky and trendy fashion have made a name. The Kelsi Bag with eighties foxtail is of course not in this call. MEXX interpreted his coat pocket so really wintry, remember the Fellapplikationen the Shearling Bag at a cozy sheepskin, missing only the crackling open fire and the image of a perfect winter ambience would be perfect. That still is not enough, MEXX has still the removable schoolbag on offer, their synthetic fur reminiscent of a wild rabbit, only that here thank goodness none of had to let his life. There will be a little crazier with anti chic: the shopper esjabar self-compositions blue is also rather for a gefüllteren purse, because with €225 it is not necessarily a snap, but genuine leather and Samtapplikationen justify this price.
These bags make you want on a crisp cold winter and a lot of fur in any case.