Atomic AMZ to Drift?

The small Atomic AMZ , is already being tested for drifting. so describe Art3ria:

I have one, I want it to use for Drift, since it has more potential on the one hand that an awd in this matter, though you sin in other things.

From my point of view, the car is a cool car.
Dare my point of view about the car Drift issues although the car was not designed for this purpose.
Box car, chassis with tires and wheels of silicone, electronics consisting of receiver and speed controller integrated in the same plate, servo, motor and radio station is 2.4 GHz.
You will need: Battery Li-po atomic or Nanotech with connector E-Flight Ultra Micro.
On the one hand it should be noted that the car comes in distance 94-98 which limits the use of bodies in terms of to drift much.
Almost all Kyosho bodywork with aesthetic Drift are 90, with exceptions that we can count on the fingers of one hand.
Even so some body rubbing with the tab of the servo that excels, there are bodies such as laferrari which is not fully compatible with this car, even if they are within the wheelbase.
The L’s there to touch them a little, so come well into the brackets.
Optional motor bracket, on the other hand is a must have, we will need if you do not want that with any side bang jump you attack the transmission and you can get to damage it.
Series servo is rather slow, there is one digital optional coming for 20 euros which say that it is better, I I could not test it since I am going to mount a receiver to the Esc and you put some servos that coincide in measure.
Also mention that the wheel nuts are plastic, if you want to change them to aluminum, any nut, not better since the thread is something special. You need the Atomic Nuts v2. but spend the cardans thread as I pass to my. The plastic nuts are more than enough but if you want to give it colour already know, the Atomic.

Electronics according to my understanding is somewhat problematic, especially the issue of the receiver. Although change it is quite easy since it is welded with the Esc by 3 points of correspondrian solder 3 wires carrying AC drives to the receiver. Negative and positive signal.
On the other hand Electronics is hobbyking, and is programmable via card programmer. Series is limited to 75%.
The batteries are Li-po 300. These come only with the balancer connector. Well it’s not the typical. This is JST-PH whereupon it or you buy the batteries from Atomic, 13 euros each 1 more special cable for charging. Let us remember that these only bring 3 wire connector and remove connector for charging and rolling with the adapter.
The B option is to take the Turnigy nanotech of 300 with connector E-Flight Ultra Micro speaking on silver is JST-PH of these batteries and also these are worth 5 euros.

Another point to consider is that spreads that bring are the Atomic Ball Diff, and that those of the AWD satellite do not enter you differential box.
On the other hand Atomic not to take options for this car. Although all of them are oriented towards Touring.

On the other hand in subject of modifications is like a 1:10. right now I have prepared for assembling RC and amended the address to be able to endure more 144% which is what endures well the MA015 with which I am testing.

Car has enough good finishes and many possibilities, but sins the chain of mounting, assembling parts a little forced.
Ideally in this car is to make you a little shoot of trapezoids before putting it on track.