Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep Is an Adventure Deep

Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep is a free game for Android and iOS that resembles classic games like Puzzle Bobble, but has a unique and innovative gameplay, reversing the position of the pearls and also changing the way of launching. Now they fall into the air and the physics applied to the game can change the outcome in the way the pearls fit into the container.

Atlantis tells the story of the lost city of Atlantis. After verifying that her kingdom is crumbling, the Queen asks for help for the mermaids who kindly come to her rescue. The story, although staying in the background develops throughout the game.

The game has very beautiful graphics and sound effects. Producers make good use of the graphics quality offered by smartphones and tablets and deliver crystal clear images with various interesting visual effects.

How To Play Atlantis: Pearls Of The Deep

Atlantis has a different gameplay than other Puzzle Booble style games, where the player must play pearls high and make three or more pearls of the same color match. Instead of throwing them up, you simply drop them. However, it is not enough to drop them, they will not simply fit into the others as in other games. In Atlantis, tossing a pearl on top of another may have a disheartening result, for they may bounce away.

According to, to release the pearls, just touch where you want it to fall. The environment where the pearls stay changes as the game progresses. At times, you can use the scenery in your favor, making the pearls bounce against the others of the same color.

Download Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep, the game has about 60 stages and if the player has difficulty in any of them, you can still use power-ups to make it easier to finish them.

Our Opinion

Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep is a different game that will surely please puzzle lovers with colorful balls. The differentiated gameplay was what was lacking in a genre that lacks news. The mode of interaction with the game is totally different from other games in the Puzzle Bobble style, but the essence is the same.

Another novelty in Atlantis, besides the inversion of the game’s scheme, is the introduction of physics. Now, it is not enough to play the balls that they magnetically unite, they need to rest in a way to match the colors. If the player drops one ball well over another, the result may be the opposite of what was expected, with the ball bouncing and flying away.

The player will see himself playing in a totally different way than in a normal Puzzle Bobble, throwing balls to the sides and waiting for them to match. Even the power-ups of the game need some reasoning, otherwise they will have no effect at all.

Regarding the difficulty, Atlantis invests heavily in this matter, being a very difficult game in some moments. Some stages have gears in the middle of the phase, which makes it very difficult to complete a combo or even to simply make a sequence of three colored balls.

Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep is an amazing puzzle game for fans of. The game virtually invents a new style by reversing the position of the colored balls. The game is all in Portuguese and has great visual quality.


Innovative gameplay

Simplified commands


Small text on screens less than 4 inches