Asus Eee Pad Transformer vs Transformer Prime

When he released the sequel to any device comparison with previous generation is pretty much obliged, more so if the Terminal in question is called Transformer Prime and is “only” the first quad-core tablet Android’s history, which promises to stand up to anyone.

According to ablogtophone, ASUS has definitely pushed the design with its latest tablet, which looks like a refined version of the original Transformer and lightened: the First is thinner, lightweight, stylish, and everything just paying the price of the loss of a USB port on the dock. The materials are great and where the first model was covered in plastic, TF201 can boast the use of more refined aluminum, but there is a price to be paid, that seems to be more prone to scratches and signs of wear, the less elegant but more durable plastic.

On the side of the screen seems to be no proper comparison: a newcomer can boast a displayS uper IPS +, which promises well 600nit of brightness versus the previous model 380; the display itself is also closest to the glass cover ( Gorilla Glass) thus making the deeper blacks and greater viewing angle. One flaw: the max setting seems quite eager for battery.

But we come “to the point”, or performance. Needless to say, even in this case there is no history, as evidenced by the picture above (Linpack tests are clearly unreliable, most likely because of the 5 core Tegra 3 that are not recognized correctly). We will not dwell much on this point, because it is quite natural that the evolution of a chip is higher than the previous generation, and we have already extensively discussed both the Tegra 3 which of various games seen in action on the First, as Shadow Gun, or Glowball. Interesting to note that eventhe autonomy is best under all conditions, both idle and under stress.

The speech becomes slightly more complicated as regards the keyboard dock: buttons, layout and design are substantially identical, but the version for TF201 is lighter, slim and sleek (thanks again to the presence of aluminium). We clarify though that each keyboard is for specific use of the respective model, in other words you will not be able to use the dock of Transformer Prime on the other template, or vice versa.

We complete the picture praising the camera First, which as you know has a focal ratio of 2.4, which translates into good shots, considering that we are using a tablet and not a digital camera.

Therefore defects? Only one, and also a bit irritating in his “stupidity”: the presence of a single speaker, located in the lower right, easily covered by the hand that’s holding the tablet.

To express a definitive judgement we reserve a try with hand (spoiler: it might miss less than you think), but in the meantime we leave you a rich Gallery of head-to-head shots of the two models. Needless to say which is better, but the offers on the first model (that already there have been and there probably will still be at the exit of the First in Italy) could make it more palatable than expected.